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Found 4 results

  1. I am playing with spiral animation using tweenlinemax, I saw couple of examples related to spiral animation for growing text font size during animate but I also want to reduce the size of font after 1 second duration. tl.to("#Text",10,{attr:{startOffset:'100%'}}) .to("#theText", 5, {fontSize:50},2) .to("#theText", 5, {fontSize:10},1); //this is not working so is there any way to grow up and down the font size while animate on SVG path using tweens.
  2. Hello, I have a problem where when I hover out it repeats the animation the numbers of times it has played over the time the mouse has been on it. If I hover out before it finishes his first animation iteration, then it will go back to normal without a problem. However, if I hover it for more than 2 seconds for it complete at least 2 iterations counts, then the reverse will also repeat it 2 times before it goes back to its initial position. Basically, I want it to float continuously when I hover it, and I want it to go back down once I hover out of it. Is the
  3. HI, i don't understand how can i dynamic update values on tween: Example in attach. Code: $(function () { var tween = new TimelineMax({paused: true}), box = $('.box'), leftBtn = $('.btn-left'), rightBtn = $('.btn-right'), direction = '-', distance = 500, value1= direction + '=' + distance; function directionMove(playk) { if (playk == 'playk') { direction = '-'; value1 = direction + '=' + distance; // how to update value tween.play(); } else if (playk == 'reversk') { direction = '+'; value1 = direct
  4. I have created two pens as I cannot combine both in the same pen example to explain my issue. Pen1 (part 1) https://codepen.io/nudgepixels/pen/dMgxKg The clock ticking tween repeats for 3 times as seen on the pen. Pen2 (part 2) https://codepen.io/nudgepixels/pen/PNyMaM At the end of my pen 1, I want Pen2 to follow without any delay. My objective is to join these two pens. (And at the end, I will have to join this single pen to my main project - i.e, https://codepen.io/nudgepixels/pen/XdRVdP - I will handle this part) As you can see, for the clock loop tween, I'm u