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Found 3 results

  1. className: "+=active" just remove all class's and so on https://codesandbox.io/s/affectionate-cookies-9hccc
  2. I still learning how to use Greensock, even i was a newbie with js or Jquery. But when i see what GSAP can do, i wanna learn it. I doing practice with bootstrap 4 carousel, but for the loops, i have to overide all. I not understand, how to overide just for the animation inside the ".carousel-caption". This one is the hardest one Y_Y /*RUN TIMELINE WHEN EACH OF THE SLIDES IS LOADED*/ $carousel.on("slid.bs.carousel", function (e) { TweenLite.to($carouselCaption, 0.1, { opacity: 1 }); var slideId = e.relatedTarget.id; if (slideId === "1") { pertamaTl.restart(); keduaTl.pause(); ketigaTl.pause(); } else if (slideId === "2") { if (counter === 0) { keduaTl = keduaTimeline(); } else { keduaTl.restart(); } counter++; }; if (slideId === "2") { pertamaTl.pause(); keduaTl.restart(); ketigaTl.pause(); } else if (slideId === "3") { if (counter === 1) { ketigaTl = ketigaTimeline(); } else { ketigaTl.restart(); } counter++; }; if (slideId === "3") { pertamaTl.pause(); keduaTl.pause(); ketigaTl.restart(); } else if (slideId === "1") { if (counter === 1) { pertamaTl = pertamaTimeline(); } else { pertamaTl.restart(); } counter++; }; }); Anyone can teach me, how to convert it / or writing , adapted to the gsap coding rules...? One thing, can anyone teach me how to create Progress bar, or animate that red line below the title, thanks Best Regards Mugi Sorry for my Bad Grammar
  3. I have the following situation: I have one timeline. I append to it a sequance of TweenLites with target1. A little later i kill tweens of target1, and try to launched a sequance of tweens for target2. The problem: animation for target2 is not launched, it's only works when i call timeline.kill() instead of timeline.killTweenOf(target1) I hoped to use a single instance of TimelineLite to handle all needed animations. i.e. I want to use timeline.append, timeline.insert for many targets, and if the target is repeated or i just needed to get rid of tweens, 1stly kill it's animation and run new after. What i'm doing wrong? var timeline:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite(); for each (var obj:Object in transitions) { timeline.append(new TweenLite(target1, transition.duration, transition.to)); } timeline.play(); After a few time the following code is launched timeline.killTweensOf(target1); for each (var obj:Object in transitions) { timeline.append(new TweenLite(target2, transition.duration, transition.to)); } timeline.play();