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Found 5 results

  1. Brand new to this, but I'm not seeing the answer out there (maybe I'm looking up the wrong terms). Anyway, I'm doing a few tests, and I'm seeing a flash of the unanimated objects before they come on. For instance, if they animate from 0% scale to 100, they appear for an instant at full size before they disappear and the animation begins. It's only local at the moment, but I see it in both chrome and firefox. I'm using jquery for selectors, and both jquery, TweenMax, and the function to animate are all being loaded in the head before any of the elements are defined in the body html. Is there a typical way to resolve this or most likely cause to look at?
  2. https://panike.pt/sustentabilidade/ Above website has really nice animation. If you see at the left side bullets. Those bullets gets filled with red when we scroll down and hover on them. They used top and translateY css property to achieve this but I am new to greensock and trying to create using greensock. Could you please help me. Thanks
  3. Dear all, I realise this is a long shot, but I'm hoping it might work ... here's the deal. I'm learning GSAP & Java and loving it. I have the opportunity to present an idea that i'm incubating, with heavy use of GSAP & a navigational type controller (think modern version of "The Golden Compass" ) for a education programme for under privileged kids (educate & have fun at the same time) I've found a controller class that works great as an example, and am first trying to "merge" it with GSAP Control Playback Example (as http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/sLavi), with the principle that if I can get that to work, that's good enough for me t build my animations and present the idea. I have successfully combined both examples into a single HTML & .JS file. Both run in their own accord ... I'm now trying to bind (is that the right expression?) the GSAP buttons to the appropriate data-nav objects. The Codepen does not work, but illustrates where I have got to. I have taken id=pauseBtn and am trying to bind it to data-nav-navitemtext='Pause' object. I'm at a point where GSAP still runs, the data-nav still works, but the pauseBtn.onclick fails. I don't know if I'm trying to do the impossible, or if im missing something really obvious. I realise I should really go learn more before I try do this, but if I do I'll miss the opportunity to pitch, and hopefully help some people in need ... so as said ... a long shot, but I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks in advance for your time
  4. I'm in a class where our final project is to create an interactive comic book using Adobe Animate. I missed the pre-requisite for this course, which went over coding in Javascript to make games in depth. My professor has his own tutorials about how to use Greensock to enhance our projects, but since previous programming knowledge was expected, it went way over my head. I'm just really lost about where to begin with this project. The most I know how to do in Animate are basic tweens. I successfully added some interactivity using a button, but not much more than that. As a complete beginner I'm very discouraged by this project. I've searched google hundreds of times now looking for beginning examples of how to create interactive interfaces using Adobe Animate or the older Flash Professional CC. I'm shocked by how little community there is and how hard it is to find example files. The only files I found were from FlashKit.com, and they were so outdated that they don't run correctly in Animate. Does anyone have advice about where to get started with this project? Do you know any tutorials that are aimed at complete beginners? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading
  5. Hi all, new user here. Just discovering the power of GSAP and quite amazed at what I am finding. But I have (more than) a few things I can't get my head round. Here is the context: I need on some pages to display the content in a series of steps. Each time the user presses a key the program displays another part of the page like a new div with some text and/or some images. The keypress is necessary as a confirmation that the user read the previous "step". I want to use GSAP to animate the divs into view. That's does not seem difficult starting the next div's animation on each keypress and checking is there is a running animation on the next keypress if yes then do not do anything if no the animate the next div But I also need the user to be able to skip the animation : ie if it is not the 1st time the user sees that page I would like him/her to be able to press on the keyboard in succession. If there is an animation in progress I would like to interrupt the animation and get the animated div to the position/opacity it would be at had the animation run to the end. So far I have only found kill which stops short the animation where it is at that point in time (really what the name suggests). So my page is then left with partially visible divs which is not nice and defeats my purpose. Any suggestion on how to achieve this ? Thanks in advance Didier