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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I have a timeline I am building with GSAP JS that has several sequenced tweens. When building the tweens, I would like to set the duration of each of those tweens based on an overall ease. My question is this: If I have 10 tweens, and I want the duration of each of those tweens to be the result of a Strong.easeOut tween, Is there a method or way to get 10 values from a 10 second tween where I can get an array back of the values for each second of that tween? Ex: getPointsFromTo(count:number,duration:number,from:number,to:number, ease:Strong.easeOut):Array:Numbers var points_array = getPointsFromTo(10,10,0,1,ease:Strong.easeOut); // points_array might be (did not do the math) [0,.1,.2,.4.,6.,8.,87,.92,.98,1] // In this way, I could then use the points_array items as multiplier against duration number as follows: var duration = 5; var timeline = new TimelineMax(); for(var i = 0;i<point.array.length;i++){ timeline.add(TweenLite.to(t, (duration * point_array[i]), {alpha:0}); }; Does this capability already exist, or is there a way to do this? Thanks, Jim