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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am having some issues with some objects working differently when displayed on desktop compared to mobile devices. For example, the Spark Image will Transform-Around-Center correctly when used on mobile, but when used on AIR Desktop, it ignores the center and transforms around 0,0. I have created a very basic sample program which illustrates this and which I can make available if needed. The code simply goes like this: protected function windowedapplication1_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void { var image:Image = new Image(); // Create the new image image.source = "myimage.png"; // Set a picture grpMain.addElement(image); // Add the image to our group SpinClockwise(image,2).play(); // Create and play the animation } // This function creates the animation and returns the timeline to be played private function SpinClockwise(target:Object, time:Number):TimelineMax{ TweenPlugin.activate([TransformAroundCenterPlugin]); var timeline:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); timeline.add(TweenMax.to(target, time, {transformAroundCenter:{rotation:360}, ease:Linear.easeNone})); return timeline; } Below is the XML portion of the code where we declare the Group that this image will go in: <s:Group id="grpMain" width="500" height="400"> </s:Group> That's pretty much it. I created an AIR application and a Mobile application and imported the same Greensock library into each. Both are running the 4.6.0 compiler and require AIR 3.1 or higher to operate. Please let me know if there is something I am doing wrong or if there is a workaround to get things in sync. Thank you!
  2. Is it possible to animate object on circle path using Circlepath2d, but also transform it around its center? How to combine: path = new CirclePath2D(settings.x, settings.y, radius); or path = new RectanglePath2D(setting.x, setting.y, setting.xEnd - setting.x, setting.yEnd - setting.y); or path = new LinePath2D([new Point(setting.x, setting.y), new Point(setting.xEnd, setting.yEnd)]); follower = path.addFollower(item); TweenMax.to(follower, settings.duration, { progress:1 } ); With: TweenMax.to(item, settings.duration, { transformAroundCenterStarling: { x:settings.x, y:settings.y, scale:toScale}} );
  3. Hello, Is it possible to use Bezier and transformAroundCenter plugins simultaneously?