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Found 4 results

  1. This is what i have when i rotate headMc by transform css. This is a result which I have when I use Gsap : gsap.set('.headMc', { transformOrigin: '170.880953107561px 148.666667393276px', rotation: -45 }); What I have to do to get the result when I use css like the first image; Link svg :
  2. Hello, I have a series of image that get pinned on after another. I would like to make the images pinned and scale while scrolling It seems that the image is pinned during the whole duration of the timeline, but scaling for each image is not working as expected For eg: i need all images to scale down from 2 to 1, So please help me to transform each images individually after it's get pinned. Please have a look at this demo https://codepen.io/shahas-nizar/pen/KKvOReo !Sorry my bad english Big thanks for this awesome plugin
  3. Hi guys, I am new to gsap and JavaScript and working on the project which has images. What I am trying to achieve is something similar to this website http://public.orsi-and-jan.info/home. I am having problem in appending the div and changing and transforming the image on scroll. Could anyone please guide me how can I achieve the above site man falling animation. Thanks
  4. New to GSAP, sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but I'm having a hard time understanding tween transformations. Please look at the codepen. I have three squares of dimension 10 at origin (10,10). Blue has been translated x+10 then scaled to half. Red has been scaled to half, then translated x+10. The black square I transformed using TweenMax.to() with x=10, scale=0.5 and it animates to a completely different location than the blue or red squares. I would expect it to either scale then transform, or vice versa. How would you explain GSAP g tweening in relation to basic SVG transformations?