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Found 6 results

  1. Hello to the community I'm trying to create a countdown with a special design and to animate like slots numbers do: with mask and rolling from top to bottom. Is there something similar? Any clues? I found this https://codepen.io/creativeocean/pen/pWXgNG but it's not what I need. I need from 300.000 to 0, different speeds, and this kind of animation: Any advices or help on this? The speed and the number to start from and go to, will change every 5 minutes. Thanks!
  2. I'm building a Pomodoro Timer and want to create a draggable div (assigned with a background-image of a 25 minute timescale) to set a timer and on release the div/image will animate back to the starting position. Can I do this with GSAP? Here's my Codepen: https://codepen.io/iamryandnelson/pen/dRbKMM
  3. Hi I'm working on a small game (as3) and I'm trying to optimize performance. Instead of calling a method for hitTest every frame I want to call them 5 times per second. I'm considering using delayedCall (because I'm using TweenMax.pauseAll): Something like this; updateCaller = TweenLite.delayedCall(0.2, handleHitTest); private function handleHitTest():void { // handle HitTest here updateCaller.restart(true); } Would this be the best approach or would it be better to use the build in Timer class. Thanks Rolf
  4. Hey everyone so maybe you can help I have created a game using Flash CS6 and Flash Develop. I have objects that are added to the stage by a timer Event named "_Obstacles". These _Obstacles are all added Randomly to the stage. Now they get pushed onto the stage like so: private function addObstacle(e:TimerEvent):void { _Obstacles = new mcObstacles(); stage.addChild(_Obstacles); aObstacleArray.push(_Obstacles); trace(aObstacleArray.length); //TweenLite.to(_Obstacles, 2.7, {x: - 300}); } In my _obstacle class
  5. Hi, does anyone have any experience with creating an accurate timer in AS3? I have used the Timer class and also setInterval in conjunction with my TweenMax project but none are very accurate. I have been reading about the Timekeeper class, but don't know exactly how to use it. http://www.computus.org/journal/?p=25
  6. Hi all, I started routinely using Tweenlite.to() static method instead of a Timer by setting a fake target (like 'this') and just putting a onComplete on the tweenvars object. I dunno if I should, what about the efficiency of that trick? TweenLite.to(this,2,{onComplete:myFunc}); function myFunc() { //My instructions... }