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Found 2 results

  1. hi, first of all, thanks for the new draggable stuff, really awesome! i think, there's a strange behaviour when using the draggable plugin on mobile devices: i build a draggable div with hyperlinks inside. dragging works as expected while the links inside the draggable div don't work anymore. on desktop browser everything works fine. seems if there is a problem with the touch events in the draggable.js. here's the demo... http://dev.tm74.de/dragtest/ any idea? thx michael
  2. I Implemented throwprops functionality as described on site with use of blitmask. same exact example shown on the site. now My problem is i want to prevent clicking items . when Scrolling is running. Here is my senario. I have A Sprite container. MainContainer. addChild(itemPenel) I add Item Panel as Child to MainContainer and Applying Scroll functionality to it with code described on the site using ThrowPorps Plugin. item penel have following structure. ItemPanel ( item Panel Contain Child Items ) --Item1 --Item2 --item3 --Item4 problem is when I scroll and when scroll is running I want that user is able to speed up the Scroll process by Accelerate it using drag but i dont want that he clicks any of item in the Item Panel. Also when I want to scroll by flick on Item ItemPenel should scroll but item should not be clicked its bugging me from lot of days Thanks.