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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Not sure if i'm missing something or if I'm doing something incorrect. But I'm trying to run simple unit tests with Jest and Enzyme on my component that uses gsap for a search input box. The component works perfectly fine, animation is great too. But whenever i run my tests, and specifically this line component.find('#close').'click' i get ERROR CANNOT TWEEN A NULL TARGET the close button calls this function below: animation.hideSearch(this.searchInput) animation.hideSearch is: hideSearch(target){ return TweenMax .to(target, duration, { opacity: 0, display: 'none' }) }, And finally here is my search input: <input id='search-input' className={styles.input} value={this.state.searchValue} onChange={this.handleSearch} ref={div => this.searchInput = div}/> Is there anything i need to configure in order to get jest to ignore the gsap animation? Any help is appreciated. thanks!
  2. Designing by screen size and available features is common practice, but what about hardware? I wanna do something like this: if (powerfulCPU) { // Use a crazy amount of blur } else { // Skip everything fancy but still deliver a killer animation } Is there a way to perform a quick CPU test in the loading sequence of a website in a similar manner that Modernizr does feature testing? Or do you have any other thoughts on how to achieve something similar?
  3. We're currently using TweenMax and TimelineMax extensively in our app, and we're also running a suite of unit tests against the interface via mocha and we've discovered that one of the major factors pushing our automated test times up is that GSAP appears to still be doing a lot of work, even when we monkeyPatch the tween/timeline durations down to 0. I haven't cracked open the GSAP lib to explore the inner workings yet, but my first thought was to just patch to(), from(), and fromTo() with nearly empty functions that will handle the callbacks. Although I still need to move the animated elements to their ending position, so maybe I could clone the .set() method and extend it to execute callbacks? But I have no idea if that's opening up a can of worms... So I was curious if this is something the GSAP team has already addressed in the past... maybe you guys already built out a solution or have some branch somewhere that handles all the potential animation types and all the various callbacks for both tweens and timelines, but has been optimized for an automated testing environment?
  4. Is there a way to test the android OS + Device type without having an android device? An emulator that is more than just setting viewport sizes? I have some interactions that work buttery smooth on IOS and work very badly in Android. I could post a URL, but I'm more interested in seeing if I can do this on my own without the device. In the meantime I am going to attempt to follow the tips in this post, but the only way for me to know if my results were fruitful is to ask my colleague tomorrow at work to yet again open my app and see if it still sucks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew