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Found 3 results

  1. I want to achieve the text animation when we scroll in that specific component in React JS using Tailwind CSS. Currently I'm getting animations Line by Line and when I reverse the scroll the text gets disappeared, whereas, I want the animations to be displayed Character by Character like the link I'm sharing below: But I want to use this in React JS and instead of SplitText, I want to use SplitType NPM Package I'm attaching my code file below for further reference. Please guide me to achieve the functionality. FreshIdeaTesting.js
  2. Hello, I'm currently working on a project where I would need to pin a container and keep the scroll going in the right column. However I'm running into an issue where the ScrollTrigger markers seems to be offset with the panels. I can't get the left content ends when it reaches the next trigger. Here is a simplified version: https://codesandbox.io/s/romantic-fast-xwfefy I notice that the speed of the right columns seems to be "parrallaxed" to the markers. What I am trying to do: Coordinate the appearing of the pinned left content while scrolling the right content. Thank you
  3. Hi guys im trying to use scrollsmoother on my website with tailwindcss however whenever i add data speed to an element it causes the element to just be fixed to the final position relative to where its heading according to the scrollsmoother if it were to smooth the divs on scroll . I have no idea why this is happening, i tried forking other scrollsmoother demos without tailwind and had no issues whatsoever. if someone could provide me with an explanation and or solution it would be much appreciated. Ive attached a codesandbox demo below however i have no idea how to attach the gsap scrollsmother dependency but i linked all the necessary code files within the sandbox. Sorry guys im very new to using codesandbox. I also have images below of the issue. https://codesandbox.io/s/zen-lake-pxlpm0