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Found 3 results

  1. I have a menu drawer that has a ul with 6li's in it next.js, react, gsap, tailwind. I need to animate them, currently I am creating timelines for each li and creating refs then on mouse enter and mouse leave on the lis I am manipulating the specific timeline (playing and pausing it) using the index. I wanted to know if this is the most optimised way of doing this or not? MenuDrawer.js
  2. Hi again all, Supplied a codepen this time. Trying to get the onEnter and onLeave animations to work in a Flip filter animation. But the assets seem to keep popping in and out but only works sometimes. Been trying to debug for a few hours now but think I've hit a wall.
  3. Hi all, Been trying to get a Vue with Tailwind implementation of the Flex Box example going for a couple of hours now but can't seem to make any headway on it. I must be missing something really simple but it just won't animate the flipping even though I'm just toggling 1 class. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code is below. <template> <div class="flex w-screen h-screen group" @click="toggleDirection()" :class="{ 'flex-col' : col_mode }"> <div class="grid flex-1 text-5xl text-white bg-red-600 box place-items-center">1</div> <div class="grid flex-1 text-5xl text-white bg-blue-600 box place-items-center">2</div> <div class="grid flex-1 text-5xl text-white bg-green-600 box place-items-center">3</div> <div class="grid flex-1 text-5xl text-white bg-yellow-300 box place-items-center">4</div> </div> </template> <script> import gsap from 'gsap'; import { Flip } from "gsap/Flip"; export default { name: 'Home', data() { return { col_mode: false, state: null } }, mounted () { gsap.registerPlugin(Flip); }, methods: { toggleDirection() { this.state = Flip.getState('.group, .box'); this.col_mode = !this.col_mode Flip.to(this.state, { absolute: true, duration: 1, stagger: .2 }) } }, } </script>