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  1. Hello folks - We are attempting to use Greensock/draggable to achieve smooth, swipe based transitions between full viewport tiles on a canvas. This is a for a web app and we are designing for mobile. Unfortunately, so far the transitions are not at all smooth. We're new to the package, and it's entirely possible that we're managing our settings poorly or that we are asking too much of it. The symptoms we're seeing right now are: Canvas doesn't respond quickly to the initial tap to swipe. There is a short initial delay, which doesn't feel good to the user. Canvas snaps back when you swipe it quickly, instead of continuing it's movement to the next tile. This is most noticeable when you attempt a quick, short swipe. Canvas sometimes take 3-5 seconds to recalculate after an attempted movement, producing a significant freeze period. You can see the live production app here: http://plow.io We've posted a simplified codepen example above. Any tips would be _greatly_ appreciated! Thanks, Colin