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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. I am starting to go mad trying to resolve this, so I thought I would post a question here instead. I am try to implement a rotation such that everything on the page view box (the outermost group -- depicted by the purple outline) rotates about its pre-defined origin point (shown by the cross - located at 50% 50% of view port in this case, but could be anywhere). At present the resultant rotation is relative to the compound contents of the Group (i.e. all the House elements) -- spinning around itself , whereas I need it to be relative to the parent view box -- effect
  2. When it comes to animation, SVG and GSAP go together like peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and strawberries. Bacon and...anything. SVG offers the sweet taste of tiny file size plus excellent browser support and the ability to scale graphics infinitely without degradation. They're perfect for building a rich, responsive UI (which includes animation, of course). However, just because every major browser offers excellent support for displaying SVG graphics doesn't mean that animating them is easy or consistent. Each browser has its own quirks and implementations of the SVG spec, causing qu
  3. I need help trying to scale and center to a certain element within an svg. I am using jquery.ui.layout, tweenmax and draggable. I use getBBox() to get the group element's location in the svg file, and then use the values here: TweenLite.to(svgness, 1.5, scaleX: 3, scaleY: 3, svgOrigin: x + " " + y }); It sort of works, but then the element is not really centered in the window.
  4. Hi there, I've been figuring out the svgorigin setting and am really happy with how it works. I am running into one problem that I'm not able to resolve. Basically, I'm wanting a whole bunch of SVG rects to converge to / deconverge from a center position. Essentially, it's centering an object according to the SVGorigin. Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. Hi there! I've tried to find a solution in this forum but I couldn't find the same problem. It makes me even more confused! I want to animate a inline SVG made of path elements only. Safari, Firefox and Chrome don't really react the same way but I could eventually fix that by applying transformOrigin or svgOrigin depending on the browser. I also had to set transform-origin:50% 50% 0px !important; BUT! Safari looks like ignoring this setting as soon as I scale a path. It makes the path to scale from the top left of the SVG element to their original position (scale 1). The GSAP versi
  6. I want to continuously rotate a group inside the svg. I am applying svgOrigin to the tween, but the group is still not centred while rotating. Also, how do we calculate svgOrigin?