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Found 1 result

  1. First of all Hello. This is my first post on Gsoc and probabbly not the last! I recently came across a Css-tricks post about different animation tecniques to use in our webs, and thats when I was reintroduced to gsoc. I had tested it a year ago without any reason to really use it, and I just remebered I loved it's functionalities. Yesterday I came across a problem I thought it was ideal for. We are developing a medium like blog, and it does have a "slide/push" left menu like Medium. I first did it quickly using jQuery, but then noticed that the animation wasn't really fluid on mobile browsers (chorme, firefox and safari were tested). So I then remebered the post on css-tricks and decided to try tweenLite. I downloaded the files and linked them locally. First problem was to get Drupal to actyally load them in a proper order, since Drupal default JS loading is set in the header. In the end we decided to wrap all of our code in the Jquery S(document).ready() function. As I build it I started testing it and the result was great, the sliding felt really natural, until I implemented the push part. Somehow that stoped everything from behaving as fluid as it did before. One main difference is that I read on the forums of GSOC to use autoAlpha to display or hide elements instead of display: 'block', since it might behave faster. (So the two codes differ in that) I'll copy here a pastebin of my two coded, the full jquery one and the Gsoc initialized in the jQuery $(document).ready() function. jQuery code: http://pastebin.com/eKnHA0NB GSOC code: http://pastebin.com/xn9aKQ46 I woould appreciate any help making it run more fluidly, since I'm still learning programming in general and I like to understand whats going on and how to craft different things instead of using somebody elses code for something that I supose is simple to craft. Thanks a lot.