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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I have a feeling this is a really stupid question simply because it feels like it should be so easy, yet I can't find a solution online that will work for me. I have a Sprite that I want to tween the rotation using the "shortRotation" plugin. Everything is generally ok, except that: 1) The rotation is occurring around the top left point of the Sprite rather than the centre. I had read that the default transformation point is the centre, but then I saw a post that suggested this may have changed? 2) I've tried specifying the transformOrigin using two methods I found online - neither of which work. This is my basic call: [public var _secondHand:Sprite = new Sprite();] TweenLite.to( _secondHand, 1, {shortRotation:{rotation: _secondsDeg } } ); I read that one could specify the origin as a parameter: TweenLite.to( _secondHand, 1, {shortRotation:{ rotation: _secondsDeg }, transformOrigin:"50% 50%" }); This results in a runtime error as transformOrigin isn't a property of Sprite... Should I not be using Sprite?? I also read that you can set a property value on an object using TweenLite.set( ... ). I tried this too but it also fails at runtime. I've also seen references to another plugin "transformAroundCenter" (and AroundPoint) but I don't have Club membership so I don't have these plugins. Have these plugins replaced support for transformOrigin? Please help! I really like TweenLite so I'm hopeful I can get this to work! Cheers, Oliver
  2. Hi guys, I'm loving the new site, much easier to use, nice work! so what do you think? can it be done? TweenMax.to(gfall, 1, {shortRotation:{rotation:98 }, motionBlur :true, delay:9 });
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here so thanks in advance for any communal help I receive. I have a canvas element I'm rotating onMouseMove. Here's the example: http://mikewatt.info/dev/html5_tests/wheel/wheel.html My problem is that 'shortRotation' is not working. Right now I'm using simply 'rotation' because it's working and illustrates the problem area I'm having. If you click the mouse down and drag over the horizontal middle of the circle on the right hemisphere, you'll see the wheel jump 360 degrees to come back to where your mouse is. That's where I need 'shortRotation' but it's not working. Anybody know why? Thanks in advance, mikebikeboy