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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Greensock, I will try to explain my problem the best I can… I have a swf that is loading some data and other various assets, and the first thing it does is instantiating the following LoaderMax: var selfLoader:SelfLoader = new SelfLoader(this, { name:"self", estimatedBytes:364544, onProgress:_progressHandler } ); var aspLoader:DataLoader = new DataLoader(initreq, { name:"init", estimatedBytes:100, format:"variables", allowMalformedURL:true, onProgress:_progressHandler } ); var initqueue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax( { name:"initQueue", maxConnections:1, skipFailed:false, onProgress:_partialProgressHandler, onComplete:_initQueueCompleteHandler, onError:_errorHandler} ); //prioritize the self loader LoaderMax.prioritize("self"); //append the SelfLoader and several other loaders initqueue.append(selfLoader); initqueue.append(aspLoader); //start loading the LoaderMax queue initqueue.load(); The LoaderMax classes I am using are: * VERSION: 1.921 * DATE: 2012-08-09 and unfortunately I cannot update them to the newer version. I’m publishing with Flash Professional CS5.5 for Flash Player 10.2. To reproduce the problem, I use Chrome with Flash Debug Player version 11,5,502,110 installed; I also need to use a bandwidth simulator to clip down the average download speed (for example I use Fiddler with its own Bandwidth simulator plugin). If I hit F5 / refresh the page while the SelfLoader is still loading, the debug player throws an uncaught exception of type “Error #2044: uncaught IOErrorEvent” in conjunction with “Error #2036 Load never completed”. I already have read the following topic with no avail: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/2762-error-2036-load-never-completed/ since as I said I use Flash CS5.5 IDE… I don’t know what else to do!
  2. I need to create a selfloader for my flash game. My game doesn't use any frames except the first frame. Most all of the code is contained in classes. I was told that LoaderMax can solve this problem easily, but I can't find any tutorials on how to make selfloaders. Any help would be appreciated, Angelo
  3. Hi, (first of all, sorry I posted a reply instead of creating new topic before, newby) I have a Loadermax with multiple loaders (image, xml, video and selfloader). All them have estimatedBytes and autodispose = false. I also have progress, complete and onError handlers set up. Testing for errors, I get the complete event fired before the onError event...... the onError handler would have a boolean to let the whole thing to start or not. so, why does the onComplete fires before the onError? Thanks Al