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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, thanks in advance for the support. Recently I choose GSAP ScrollTo Plugin to solve a situation on my site. Basically I coded a window.onload function, that evaluates the url hashtag. The format of the hashtag is "#whatever_Details". So, I take this hashtag and using the substr() method I isolate the part of the hashtag containing the name of the section ("whatever") and concatenating "_article". The real id of the elements to target is this, they end with "_article". I pass the "whatever_article" to the ScrollTo plugin This is the current script: <script> document.body.className = "stop-scrolling"; window.onload = function(){ document.body.className = ""; var hashText, verticalOffset = 70; if(location.hash != ""){ hashText = location.hash.substr(1, (location.hash.length - 9)); TweenMax.to(window, 0, {scrollTo:document.getElementById(hashText + "_article").offsetTop - verticalOffset}); } } </script> However, It doesn't work. And in Chrome I get a weird error: TweenMax.min.js:17 Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin ""https://www.google.com". The frame requesting access has a protocol of "http", the frame being accessed has a protocol of "https". Protocols must match. This error is fired infinitely. On Firefox I get a recurrent error, but with a different description: Error: Permission denied to access property "_gsTweenID" This is the webpage with the problem: http://fabianmiranda.com/beta/about.shtml You can put "#experience_Details" at the end of the url, to test what i am describing. The weird thing is that this code was actually working already on another section: http://fabianmiranda.com/beta/portfolio.shtml#shirleygatgens_Details http://fabianmiranda.com/beta/portfolio.shtml#zambuni_Details Do you guys have any idea of what could be causing this problem? Thanks!