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  1. What I'm trying to do? I've got 2 images on top of each other I want to alpha-in (opacity) via the blend-mix-mode layer with ScrollTrigger. position: relative; height: 100vh; width: 100vw; overflow-y: scroll; } img { min-width: 100vw; max-width: 100vw; height: 200vh; position: absolute; object-fit: cover; &#imageOne{ overflow-y: scroll; } &#imageTwo { overflow-y: scroll; mix-blend-mode: multiply; } } I'm having trouble just getting the images to animate with a scroll bar. I'm using big images about 5000px
  2. Hi everyone, first of all: Thanks so much for GSAP and all the help you guys are giving here in the forum! I'm blown away by all the possibilities although I just started using it. First time poster, I did my best to search for a similar problem but didn't find anything related, so here I am: As for my problem with ScrollTrigger: If I go to the page that uses ScrollTrigger directly (https://polymorph.media/work/) everything's working fine. But If I navigate between the pages (e.g. go to home and go back or come from a different page) the markers of the elements to be tr
  3. Hi guys I am new to Greensock and recently I have created a template website using both gsap and barba js. The full code can be found in https://github.com/kitsonchan/template_architecture and you can also view the website directly here https://kitsonchan.github.io/template_architecture/. So now the problem that I have been struggling with is the timeline that was using scrolltrigger. In both of my page Ihave a timeline called tlStage1 and tlStage2. The tlStage1 works completely fine at all conditions but I don't know why tlStage2 only works when you refresh the page. I am not sur
  4. I think I've properly setup ScrollTrigger with locomotive scroll using some examples seen in the forum, however I can't seem to get my animation to work properly. It triggers as soon as the page loads without me scrolling to the point I set my trigger. here is a codesandbox link. https://codesandbox.io/s/cocky-darkness-ncfh6?file=/src/components/SectionThree/SectionThree.tsx sorry I couldn't use codepen. don't know if that's fine? edit: relevant files: App.tsx, SectionThree.tsx, instantiateScroll.ts
  5. Hey guys! I reused an animation based on snorkltv to have a rotator attached with the ScrollTrigger, but I'm having some issues with the scroll. I can't find the bug, but my issue is that scroll is blocking (I can't reproduce the exact time or behavior), and the animation obviously stops working. I leave here a video and the Codepen to show them, as usual, thanks in advance for your help! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ scrollvideo.mov
  6. Whenever you scroll I am making a function to play the video. The video is playing rough, how can I play it smoothly? I think I should use "scrollerProxy", but I don't know how to apply it.
  7. Hi, I was trying to created some cool animations using ScrollTrigger, but it doesn't work. The animation plays once the page is loaded. This is my code: I would like to add that thanks to the activity of this forum I could integrate GSAP animations to a child theme on Wordpress.
  8. Hello, I have created this pen and this is working fine. I just want to start and end pinning with the slider. Please help me out with GSAP & ScrollTrigger Kind Regards.
  9. Hello, I have a block, when user scrolls it becomes pinned and elements inside of it start to move to top with scrub, it's kind of smooth scroll only for this block. So it's working good, but now I have an issue, because I can't understand how can I implement ScrollTrigger animation for elements that inside of this pinned block. I understand why it's not working right now because I move this elements with tween and the trigger position changed. Can you give me advice, please? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello. Hope you're all good. I have a problem where I can't find a solution and I was wondering if I can get an idea. In the previous pen I have an horizontal scroller ( not the same in my current project but something really close to the pen ) followed by a carousel that scrolls one by one on each scroll. This was inspired by this pen: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/rNOebyo. Now the problem: in my pen and the one from the demos the start and end of each box is based on the window innerHeight and I can't figure it out on how I can start it once the user hits the carousel.
  11. I created this simple horizontal scroll, and I want to set start and end point to each section so I can individually target them for animation. Right now I'm facing issue to set Start: and End: point to SectionC (or any section), I can target a section for animation but start and end point not matching targeted section width.
  12. Hello guys, I can't quite figure out what's wrong with my tween, and was wondering if anyone here could help me out. The scroll animation is working as indented, but the problem is with the buttons. I'm seeing a small jump after clicking on it, most noticeable by a white flash at the bottom. Thanks in advance, Lucas
  13. Hello Sir, I want to scroll images which is in gray section with pinned to "home-feature-section" once gray section(home-feat-list-contain) finishes animate to x position. Sorry for poor english..
  14. Hello community, I tried to pin a google map on scroll with generated markers on it. And when I load or update markers, I refresh the Scrolltrigger instance to calculate the new sizes from my updated list (content). Bt when I do a refresh or a resize window, my Google map is reset. I think it's when I make a refresh, the content inside the `pin-spacer` markup reloaded and Google map does reset. Any idea? Thank you
  15. Hello All! I'm trying to recreate this: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/YzyqVNe . But where the left column moves up on scroll then pins, then the right column comes up pins next to it and then scrolls through its content before moving down the page. simliar to this beautiful page: https://oldspitalfieldsmarket.com/ Any advice or guidance would be appreciated!
  16. I've make a simple GSAP and ScrollTrigger animation for my website, but when I build it with Vite JS (which uses rollup to build) I get an error like this: [rollup-plugin-dynamic-import-variables] Unexpected token (4:4) file: [file] error during build: SyntaxError: Unexpected token (4:4) at Parser.pp$4.raise ([folders]/dev/node_modules/rollup/dist/shared/rollup.js:16685:13) at Parser.pp.unexpected ([folders]/dev/node_modules/rollup/dist/shared/rollup.js:14195:8) at Parser.pp$3.parseIdent ([folders]/dev/node_modules/rollup/dist/shared/rollup.js:16616:10) at Pa
  17. Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an image sequence that can be played backwards or forwards by scrolling the page up and down. But I also need the sequence to be controllable using a video style progress bar. Using some of the code that I've copied from these forums I've managed to get the image sequence working and I've also managed to create a play bar control with a playhead that can be dragged left and right. But I can't get the playhead to control the current image that is displayed in the image sequence. In the code for the image sequence
  18. Hi everyone, I would like to achieve the following image parallax effect (vertical translation) with Scrolltrigger and without Smooth Scroll. https://tympanus.net/Tutorials/SmoothScrollAnimations/ I tried the parallax demos in the docs, but they work differently then this example. Which way is the best to get this effect? Thanks Martin
  19. Hi there, I'm running into weirdness with scrollTrigger and marker positioning. I have a page with 2 components built in Next.js, one is using scrollTrigger to pin an element for a duration (AnimationScrollBlock), and another component fades in some images when the user scrolls to it (ImagesBlock). When I click between navigation pages and then back to the "Case" page, sometimes the markers seem to be in the correct position, sometimes they aren't. The same thing appears to happen when I do a hard refresh on the page. Sometimes they are correct, other times they aren't.
  20. Hello GSAP friends! I am having trouble combining some ScrollTrigger and SplitText features in the correct way. I have several sections that use ScrollTrigger to pin when in view and have a timeline that animates their opacity in and out. (section.slide) Of these sections, those that also have the class 'slide-text' are using SplitText to split their H2 content for animation. (section.slide.slide-text h2.animatedcharacters) I'd like the text to also use SplitText's animation feature to animate the text via scrub when its parent section comes into
  21. Hi all, Loving the vibe here๐Ÿ˜Š This is my first post in the forum ever. I'm trying to implement a scroll based Lottie animation with GSAP 3 and the ScrollTrigger plugin. I've found a solution with GSAP 2 and ScrollMagic but things changed in the newest Version. Does anyone has a working example? Thanks for your support. Cheers, Nattha
  22. I want very simple thing, big red div on one scroll goes to little red div, at second scroll it goes to green one, cannot really understand how to achieve it, please help,
  23. (recommend viewing the codepen in a separate tab) So I have a situation where I need to pin multiple elements from the same trigger. They're all sibling elements, but I can't pin the entire container because it contains iframes that will reload (unacceptable since they're ads) when the container is wrapped with the pin-spacer. When I have a short trigger element, this works totally fine (probably because nothing actually needs to be pinned). However, when I have a longer trigger element, the pin spacing creates extra space between the pin elements. If I turn pinSpacing
  24. Hi folks, GSAP is epic, thanks for making it! First time posting here but appreciated these forums for a while now. I am posting because I have a slightly odd problem I can't seem to nail down. I have created a custom scroll bar that is linked directly to the scroll position with a linear ease. The issues is it isn't acting linear. As the circle moves from section 1 to section 2 it is slightly early. Moving from section 3 to section 4 is slightly late but the start, middle and end points are bang on. Very confusing. Anyone
  25. Hey guys, I am trying to tell a story which can be achieved through simple slides and carousels, but I want to add some life to it. I came across a page that does exactly what I am trying to do - https://www.prevint.pt/. Fell in love with this implementation. From the source I can see that it has a wide <ul> with 100vw <li> sections and on scroll the <ul> is translated left ( amount = width of section ). Seemed life a fairly straightforward situation and I am sure that this page is using GSAP. But I am unable to figure out few things: Should I use any third party