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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I need your help to code this scroll logic : change one pinning element allowed active state by scroll. When I scroll, state changes and updates image in both sides allowed. By details, when I scroll down, the element below will be active and drag to change the corresponding image to the right, otherwise when scrolling up, the upper element will be active and drag to change the image, when clicked on any element on the left, the image will also be changed according to the active element (similar to scroll), and if the first element is active, we will be able to scroll to the top of this section. This is sample link : Ngân hàng di động MyVIB 2.0| VIB I want to use scrollmagic or maybe gsap or intersection observer, thank you.
  2. i think i have to do something similar like this(Looped "scrolling" section) or this this(the red panel animation) to achieve the background effect. i dont know how to implement though can you guys help? check out this video i am talking about this
  3. I am new to GSAP and ScrollMagic. I created a website on which people can scroll pictures within a container. Here is the link: http://lahmiro.github.io/camera-2/index.html I used ScrollMagic and GSAP to create a curtain effect, but it didn't work properly on big screens (e.g. iMac, ps, it worked fine on my MacBook). The pictures are kinda off the edges while scrolling down (see the screenshot). In my js file, I used a for loop to calculate the offset for each picture and set tweens and pins. I think there might be some problems of pinning elements in this way, but I don't know how to solve it... I'd appreciate if anyone could give me some suggestions. Thank you first!!