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  1. Hello I have updated an older project with GSAP 3.0.1 and ran into a strange behaviour. I had used Draggable & ThrowProps plugin before. The new code is just like this: Draggable.create('#test', {type: 'x', inertia:true}); With the new scripts it suddenly threw an error: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'scrollWidth' of null at za (Draggable.min.js:1)…” I reduced the project to the single line above for CodePen. It mysteriously worked on CodePen but not offline and not on my local server. This it gave my an idea: I checked the order of JS files and this is where it becomes really strange. On CodePen the scripts are loaded in this order: 1 gsap.min.js 2 Draggable.min.js 3 InertiaPlugin.min.js On CodePen it works. The same order locally throws the error above. The some order locally using type:'x,y' perfectly works!? Actually the only loading order that works locally is: 1 Draggable.min.js 2 gsap.min.js 3 InertiaPlugin.min.js I’m glad that I figured this out because I can continue working on my game but it took hours. Is there an official loading order for the GSAP package or another explanation? Could you play around with a local version and check if you can reproduce the problem? Greetings, Henry PS. GSAP 3 is great anyway.