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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, If I use force3D: false to fix safari bug, it solves the issue and the SVG looks sharp. But If I use autoAlpha: 0 with force3D: false, the SVG looks blurry. I did not find any solutions on this forum regarding this issue. Could you tell me how I can fix the issue? Best Regards, Anis
  2. Hi. I have recently begun redesigning my website at http://www.kurrent.com from Flash to HTML5. I am using the JS GSAP v1.9.7. My beta site is at http://www.kurrent.com/htmlsite. I tested on Firefox and Safari on the Mac with good results. It also runs fine in Safari on the iPad1, but it doesn't work in the Safari browser on iPad2. The page loads and the rectangles resize, but that's it. I've looked through the forums and am still scratching my head at this one. Thanks in advance for the help! Kurt
  3. Hi guys, We're using TweenMax for our site (still in development) and it all works splendidly on most browsers however on Safari (Windows 7, haven't tested on Mac), there seems to be some major delays and sluggishness with even basic things like link hovers, rollovers and the browser scrollbar which seems unselectable. http://www.creative9.com/wordpress/ I must stress however that the animations are rolling out surprisingly smooth. At this point in time, I can't for the life of me figure out why. I disabled the Greensock libs and the said issues disappeard. The site is making extensive use of z-indexes so I'm not sure if I'm sufferring from the same issue you guys outlined below. http://forums.greensock.com/topic/6398-page-not-updating-correctly-in-safari-and-ios/ Either way if it's a fault with my own code or with something else I'm foolishly omitting I'd appreciate it if someone could give it a look over. I can zip up and send over the site files if anyone needs them. Thanks Zee