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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to rotate a popup on a mobile device when the device rotates. The popup is a sprite and it contains children text fields. When I use rotation:"-=90" the sprite rotates, but the text disappears until I have rotated it 360. However, rotationZ will rotate the text children with the sprite. But with rotationZ I cannot find any way to redefine the registration point for the rotation to the center of the sprite. TransformAroundCenter and TransformAroundPoint work will for rotation, but I can't seem to get them to work for rotationZ. I am just starting to use Greensock. I am part way through the Noble text, but I might be missing some things that are specific to the AS3 version of Greensock. I attempted to upload a file, but it would not upload a file of type .as
  2. Hello everybody!!! I'm newbie in this forum and I have one question. I'm trying to animate a movieClip first in z-axis (e.g 45 degrees) and then in Y-axis (e.g.90 degrees). If I do only the one rotation its OK, TweenMax.to(cont, 1, {rotationZ:-45}); or TweenMax.to(cont, 1, {rotationY:90}); but when I'm trying to do first the one an then the second or both together like this TweenMax.to(cont, 1, {rotationZ:-45, rotationY:90}); I have a problem, the result is not what I expected to see. Did you have any idea?? Thanks in advance!!! p.s. I have attached a simple .fla & .swf file. rotationZY.zip