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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, so with the help of you guys, I was able to create something, but I'm still stuck on one small thing, I can't seem to restart the animation when clicked by a button, after clicking the second button, when the first button is clicked(in the pen), the animation just slows down, and text overlaps each other, any help would be really appreciated, thanks again!
  2. Hi, I am having trouble restarting an animation. I have a function that I call when the the timeline gets to a movieclip but when I leave that section on the timeline and come back the functions do not restart they duplicate so that two sets of the same function are running at different times. function f_anim(){ TweenLite.from(pic0, 1, {_alpha:0, overwrite:0, delay:0.5}); TweenLite.from(pic0, 11, {_x:-100, _y:-40, _xscale:100, _yscale:100, overwrite:0, delay:0.5}); TweenLite.from(txtA1, 0.5, {transformAroundCenter:{_xscale:300, _yscale:300}, _alpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:20, blurY:20}, ease:Circ.easeIn, overwrite:0, delay:1}); } f_anim(); How can I stop everything that is happening in f_anim and start it again from the beginning? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt