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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I've built an animation with greensock and I checked the repaint in Chrome (and in Firefox too). And there are. Is it okay or should I optimize my animation somehow? Thanks, Soma https://codepen.io/szsoma/pen/vZgxmq
  2. So this is a classical processing pipe-line for GPU rendered animations via CSS transform: 1) We start start to animate a block from HTML with, for example, TweenLite.to(x:100... 2) At that moment (very start), what happens internally in browser, is that this block is Repainted to a separate composite layer. 3) This layer (when ready) is pushed to VRAM for fast access and animating. 4) Layer decomposes and clears from VRAM when the browser thinks it must. And as we know this works pretty well! But, Where my problem arises is POINT 2,3. On lower hardware, when the initial repaint happens and layer is pushed to VRAM, there is some 100-200ms LAG. And when the animation it self is 1sec or less, this LAG just kills it: a) first of all there is a kind of a shutter at that moment, secondly.. I start to see the object animation already 30% complete (for ex. if the animation is x from 0 - 100 in sec, I start to see it happening on x=>30), when the layer is ready. The potential solutions: 1) Use will-change or empty transform to fool the browser, to push layer before animating. Well.... will-change is kind of experimental and it might be removed, and does not work on IE. empty transform does't work on chrome any more. And the list goes on. And anyway, at some point the browse might consider destroying the layer (to much idle, etc.). So very unstable. 2) It would make sense to me, to animate an object via transform only when the repaint is finished. Otherwise it will always look crappy. As there are some tips out there http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14578356/how-to-detect-when-an-image-has-finished-rendering-in-the-browser-i-e-painted (i like second answer), how to detect the repaint happend, maybe this can be patched to GSAP? What do u think of all this?