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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I want to know how to clear all the animated properties from TimelineMax at once. not individual. like onComplete clearProp all or something like that and all the nested elements also. is there a way to use wildcard selector? ex: var tl = new TimelineMax({id:"sliderOut", autoRemoveChildren:true, onComplete:function(){ // i want to clear all the animated values and properties at once not individual }}); tl .staggerTo($nameSplit.chars, 0.4, {y:'-10', autoAlpha:0, ease:Power4.easeInOut},0.05,"+=0") .staggerTo($descSplit.words, 0.4, {y:'-10', autoAlpha:0, ease:Power4.easeInOut},0.05,"-=0.5") .staggerTo($techSplit.lines, 0.4, {x:'10', autoAlpha:0, ease:Power4.easeInOut},0.05,"-=0.5") .to($slide_img, 1, {yPercent:'10', autoAlpha:0, ease:Power4.easeOut},"-=0.5") .to($slide_left_svg_bg, 1.5, {x:'20%', autoAlpha:0, ease:Back.easeInOut},"-=0.5") .to($slide_right_svg_bg, 1.5, {x:'-20%', autoAlpha:0, ease:Back.easeInOut},"-=1.5") .staggerTo($staticTitleSplit.chars, 0.5, {y:'20', autoAlpha:0, ease:Back.easeOut},0.03,"-=1.5") .staggerTo($numSplit.chars, 0.5, {y:'20', autoAlpha:0, ease:Back.easeOut},0.03,"-=1.5") .to($left_out_bg, 0.5, {x:'100%', ease:Power4.easeOut},"-=0.5") .to($right_out_bg, 0.5, {x:'-100%', ease:Power4.easeOut},"-=0.5");
  2. I've written a script that addpause()'s on click. When I reinitialize the timeline the pause skips the animation. As far as I understand I should use remove() to take out the pauses. I don't know what the addpause adds to the timeline or if I'm even able to remove it. Any ideas would be much appreciated, thank you!
  3. beamish

    nested timelines

    Hi, I have a problem with nested timelines which is demonstrated in the attached pen: In the codepen: click on the 1st button. It plays a child timeline nested in a parent timeline. My first problem is: why do I need line 5: 'child.play(0);'? if I comment it out then the 1st button won't work. Doesn't the parent time head control the child heads? Now click on the 2nd button. The child is removed from the parent and played by itself. This is OK. Now click on the 3rd button, which should play only the child (which has been removed from the parent after step #2). Why doesn't the child play?... Now if you click on the 2nd button again the child DOES play... why? and if you now click on the 1st button which plays only the parent - the child is playing - even though it has been removed from the parent... as if the 'remove' from the parent has not been effective. What is my wrong way of thinking here?... Thanks, Elior
  4. I've set up another question with a pen to make things clearer, please refer to it: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/11859-nested-timelines/ Thanks. ------------ Hi, I have a strange situation where 'remove' on a TimelineMax seems to work but then not... : 1. There a TimelineMax instance to which I add several nested timelines 2. The TimelineMax works well 3. I remove one of the nested timelines using the 'remove' method on the TimelineMax with the nested timeline as the paramater. 4. The nested timeline is not removed. When I debug the code with a single nested timeline, I can see that if I set a breakpoint at the 'remove' line, then before the 'remove' is called if I call 'getChildren' on the TimelineMax then I can see some items; after the 'remove' is called if I call the 'getChildren' again then I get an empty array (as should be), but now if I single-step in the debugger one line forward and then call 'getChildren' then the array is 'magically' filled up again with the timeline I just removed... There are no events that add nested timelines that are called in this situation. I should note that I don't want to kill the nested timeline because I want to run it separately or add it to another instance of TimelineMax. Any ideas?... Thanks ! Elior
  5. I have set a TimelineMax var and inside of this I create Tweens with an array of MovieClips. It works fine, so far. But I need to avoid the first MovieClip in the array on the reverse. So far I can't find a solution. Any Idea ?
  6. Hi guys, I wonder if you can assist, I'm trying to code for the eventuality of a corrupt image getting loaded. I currently have the error event setup to remove the offending item: function errorHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace("error occurred with event target:: " + event.target + "::and event text:: " + event.text); queue.remove(event.target as LoaderCore); } However it only appears to be removing the last child of the set of images, rather than just the event.target. I've ran traces and event.target is pointing at the correct 'corrupt' image which fails to load as expected. The queue.remove is removing an item as a queue.numChildren trace reduces by one. What am I missing? Thanks, NB let me know if you want more info.
  7. I am building a tooltip class that upon rollover of a displayobject, I will highlight the object with a tweened glow. When you roll off, the glow will go away. But, if the objects already has its own glow applied, I don't want to interfere with it during removal of my new tooltip highlight glow. I see there is a param for addFilter:boolean, that I think will allow me to add my new glow filter to an object that already has it's own glow filter. And there is a remove:boolean that will auto cleanup that filter at the end of the tween. but what if I want to keep the new highlight-glow attached until a later time, such as rollout? I think what I am trying to do is store the new glowFilter in a variable, so I can later remove that specific glow filter by reference. But I don't see how I can do this within the Tween engine. It looks like almost all the tools are there for me, but not quite. What am I missing? To reiterate, I don't mind if an object has two glow filters applied; one from before, and one from my rollover. But I want to leave the original glow intact, if it had one.
  8. Hello GreenSock! Congrats for your Amazing job. I’m really a first timer with AS3, Greensock and have no skills with programming. I just made a huge personal flash website and I was stacked with the LoaderMax and XMLLoader. Never made it work. (Need a lot of studying) But this tutorial helps me like a charm: (thanks to Carl) http://www.snorkl.tv...-the-xmlloader/ From the XML file, I load with succeed, the Main swf plus 200 swf files. Main swf loaded at x:0 y:0 and all other swf files at x:3000 and y:3000 Just far away from the stage. Everything load and work ok, but Loading 200 files on the stage makes fps to 2-5/sec How can I remove all loaded swf from the stage, except from the Main swf ??? I use the same actionscript and xml from Carl's tutorial.! Thanks Sakar