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  1. Hi, I am having big time losses in creating a project: I have multiple games that use a common AssetsLoader class to load a toolbar manager (agent), that loads a toolbar through another assetsloader. The structure is as follows: a single configurable toolbar, 3 agents (toolbar managers) for 3 kinds of games, 80 games. Now, when I modify the toolbar code I can recompile it, it takes a few seconds, and the same is for the 3 agents, but recompiling 80 games is terrible! Why should I recompile all games? I noticed that if I modify the toolbar or an agent I have to recompile the parent cascaded swfs, otherwise I wouldn't see the agent or toolbar modifications in game as if recompiling the game I included agent and toolbar inside it. If I modify a game I need to recompile it, and it is ok; if I modify an agent I have to recompile it and all the games that load it; if I recompile the toolbar I have to recomile it, all agents, and consequently all games, and this is absolutely no good! I tried to cast the agent to * instead of the corresponding interface, but nothing changed. I tried to mess around with the application domains (trying to use a different sandbox for the agent and the toolbar), but I think I don't know very well how this works. I use LoaderMax for assets, and interfaces to access an agent from games and the toolbar from agents: game -> interface(agent) -> interface(toolbar). Can you help me please?