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Found 3 results

  1. How can I tween a specific pseudo-element on hover?
  2. Hi, dear GSAP-community, I would like to animate an :after element width "staggerTo" and did read up on the "CSSPluginRule". What is unclear to me: - Is this plugin already included in TweenMax or not? If not, is is there any way to download it separately? (I only fund the configuration download, which include TweenLite...) - Is it even possible to use a "staggerTo" anim on pseudo elements? I prepared a pen, but that one does not work... Any tips would be greatly appreciated - thank you!
  3. If I use LoaderMax to load pngs with transparent backgrounds and add mouse event listeners to the pngs, will the listeners respond when the mouse is over the transparent portion of the png? If so, is there a way to change this so that the mouse events only dispatch when hovering over opaque portions of the png? Thank you