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Found 4 results

  1. Very rarely, about 1 out of 100 times (sometimes you have to re-run the pen even), if you try to drag these items around very rapidly (as in click, drag, release and immediately click and drag again, over and over) Edit: to replicate consistently, place the mouse on the last pixel on any edge of DragItem1 (so the very first pixel where your mouse turns into a drag icon), then drag away from that edge (so if you choose bottom edge, drag downward). You will see via the console logs that the PointerEvent target inside onDragStart is a totally non-draggable element. In the onDragPress, the target is correctly '.drag-item', whereas in onDragStart, the target is 'drag-item__wrapper' (and sometimes other elements, depending), which is not a Draggable. I put in a console warning to show when this happens. I feel like this is happening because once the mouse moves 1 pixel away, it is no longer over/touching the drag item but instead over what's under the mouse? So perhaps I should move most my logic out of onDragStart? Screenshot of console below (the error about update() is happening because the target is not a Draggable). Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. hi this is related to another question i'm currently solving. and i found a solution. its all inside the draggable plugin if i can get a perfect answer for this question. i can update that post and share my solution. my question is how to limit draggable x or y value. eg: if i click and drag, i want to drag only 200px left or 200px top. depend on my draggable type. so how to get this thing done..
  3. Hi, I originally posted this as a reply to another topic, but it has since been marked as "Answered" and it got buried. So, I figure it's best to post a new topic for this issue. Essentially, event.preventDefault() in Draggable's onClick callback no longer works in Chrome 55. The problem only appears on Chrome 55 with touch events (regular mouse clicks are fine). I've created a minimal demo + instructions for reproducing the problem here: http://codepen.io/nyordanov/pen/qRBwEV Our current workaround is to add a 100ms delay between the click and the opening of the submenu, but we'd be grateful if you could offer a permanent solution.
  4. Hi all, I have a timelineLite that disables pointer-events on a div. When the div is clicked, it fires the timeline. This works except that it allows 1 final 'mouseout' event after pointer-events should have been disabled. let div = document.querySelector(`div`); div.onclick = function() { console.log('click!'); tl.play(); }; div.onmouseout = function() { console.log('mouseout!'); }; let tl = new TimelineLite({paused: true}); tl.set(div, {css: {pointerEvents: `none`}}) Any ideas?