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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys again hope you´re doing fine. I´ve had a great time with pixi and gsap over the past weeks and developed a tiny class for it. It will capture width and height of a selected element and appends a pixi generated canvas to it. A pixi container is stored inside filled with a matrix which represents the dimensions of the parent stage, but splitted to several smaller pieces (the gridDivider can be adjusted on class initialization on the bottom of the js). Now we have a prepared object with all needed references and it´s ready to apply some gsap goodness on it. Next I started with a Sub Class (HoverMatrixGrid) which captures data from the mousemove event and animate the "pixels". I created some animation blueprints with the mighty gsap.registerEffect(). and applied these as methods of the pixel object itself to alter states and get control over the animations. But atm the opposite is happening . I´m experiencing kinda artifacts / debris in the mousemove triggered animations, especially if you move the cursor diagonally some pixels on the edges don´t "fade out". If you swipe some seconds on the screen you will recognize them. I can imagine there is something wrong with my state handling, but can´t figure it out since days, so I want to ask if someone had experienced this behaviour. Is it something which comes from the asynchronous handling of object data? Are these states nescessary? It´s printing the generated "grid"-object with all it´s data and particles in the browser console. ps: congrats to your newest release (3.10)! Thanks, Richard
  2. Hello GSAP pals, I came across with this weird issue, and I need your inputs. I am trying to animate items with TiltShiftFilter() filter enabled, and I get this strange residual afterimage. All I want to achieve is to simply move things around UNDER the TiltShiftFilter() like you see on Pixi demo. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  3. I can't seem to get PixiPlugin to function in my typescript application. Do I need to do anything specific to use PixiPlugin or does it come with the gsap npm install? I wasn't able to find an npm package for the pixiplugin so I assumed it came with the gsap install. I have the latest and greatest version of GSAP but can't get this to function. TweenLite.to(someSprite, 1, {pixi:{colorize:"red", colorizeAmount:1}}); I'm using Pixi5 and Gsap 2.1.3 What am i missing? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I was trying PixiPlugin and wanted to tune `fillColor` according to docs at https://greensock.com/docs/Plugins/PixiPlugin Codepen example doesn't work at all (dot doesn't move) if I include `fillColor`. I don't get anything in console on codepen, but on my local I get this stacktrace: Is it me doing something wrong or?
  5. Hi guys, I am really excited about the newest release of GSAP including the PixiPlugin, but it's not clear to me if it's an EXTRA (for paid members) or comes included in the TweenMax lib? (I am ware that I would need to include the PIXI.js CDN link in my publishing template, just wondering about the GSAP PixiPlugin.js) Finally, would someone be able to share a codepen or .fla canvas file that shows an example of how to use the BLUR filter for example ? Thanks!