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Found 2 results

  1. So, I have a small problem. I want to be able to customize things in the throwprops plugin, like friction and bounciness. But it doesn't let you do anything like that, so I wondered, is it possible to combine the functionality of the two plugins?
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to set up a 3d planet which can be rotated by the user by dragging it left right horizontally. At first glance throwProps seems ideal for it, but I don't want the planet to stop rotating. If I understand right throwProps will always come to a full stop? But I need the planet to carry on rotating endlessly at a minimum speed if the user stops interacting. If the user drags it again into some direction, the planet should go faster then go back into it's endless rotation minimum speed. I've looked into physicsProps, by setting the time to some very high value and the velocity to some set number, it rotates fine, but as soon as I set the acceleration it will just carry on going faster and faster, similar story with friction. Is there a way to specify a max ceiling speed and minimum speed for physicsProps? I've also tried an initial sine in tween followed by a linear tween on a loop, which isn't very far from what I am trying to achieve, but there's an obvious little glitch in speed when the sine in tween meets the linear tween. I wonder if I'm approaching this problem from the right angle and such a set up feasible with Greensocks? Which I bet it is... ; ) Any tips much appreciated!