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Found 2 results

  1. Long time user and a big fan of GSAP Usually I can figure out issues on my own, but this time I'm really stuck. If you refresh the Codepen, you can see that the first animation is the text zooming in slowly, and then zooming out quickly after a brief delay. Now after all the animation is done, I added a tl.restart(); so that it will go back to the start and replays everything, but this doesn't seem to be the case. The text animation is now only appearing instead of the whole zooming in etc. Where did I go wrong??? o.O
  2. Hi ! I use gsap syntax most of my time. But for this particular project, i decided to moove to jquery.gsap.js and animate(), for rapid prototyping. At final performance step, i will create anonymous functions that synthetise effects created and choosed by the final user, in gsap syntax for gaining substancial speed on user interface and most of advanced parameters. Anyway, i'm still at prototyping level, and i'm using hoverIntent lib for detecting user intention (mostly used for submenu and avoiding the "christmas tree effect" with animations). In some cases i need better velocity and animation that are triggered instantly. Thus i rely on hover(function(){/* .animate() hover*/}, function(){/* .animate() out */}) $("a").hover(function(){ $(this).animate({className:"+=hover"}, {duration:300, easing:ExpoOut}); }, function(){ $(this).animate({className:"-=hover"}, {duration:300, easing:ExpoOut}); }); In css context, i just change color property to fade between colors. I noticed that when i over/out/over/out/over/out/over/out/over/out/over/out animations are queued, this even if i add overwrite:"all". Have an Idea ? Thx