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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have an issue with ScrollTrigger, can anyone help me to fix it ? I have a full-screen pinned div and I want to see an animation while it is pinned. At the end of the animation, it is displaying a text. I want that once the animation finishes I can only see the last picture, with the text, and never again the animation (until the next page reload of course). When I try to kill the animation "onLeave", it makes a "scroll jump" When I try to kill the animation with "once:true", the pin-spacer remains, and I have a big white space above my text Here are 2 pens to show the issue. In this example, a div becomes yellow when you scroll down, and it must remains yellow at the end of the animation, even if you scroll up again. 1) using once (big white space above the div) : https://codepen.io/Guelid/pen/OJEGzGp 2) using kill ( scroll jump) : https://codepen.io/Guelid/pen/JjBjbYM The text just after the scrolltriggered div is in red to highlight the scroll-jump issue Thanks !
  2. Hi GSAP champs, I've been working on an animation in which I draw three SVGs located in one section. I'm drawing the svgs with scroll-trigger in same timeline and also pinning that section with pinSpacing: true and the once: true is working fine as expected that it kills the timeline on completion. but the issue is the space that is being added by pinSpacing: true is not removing it self when animation reaches the end. Please help to achieve this. codePen demo is attached already. Thanks in Advance