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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create a timeline that has an infinite repeat, but the time between repeats is random every time (basically I've created a little timeline of some wind blowing through some plants, but I want the wind to appear random). I've done this with an eventCallback using onRepeat and a function that sets the repeatDelay every time. It's going mad though so I must be doing something wrong. I want it to play the animation through each time and then have a random amount of time between plays. My little codepen recreates the issue. Any ideas? Cheers Paul
  2. Hi, I wanted to loop this creative 3 times but on repeat, start the animation 1.5 in, effectively leaving the picture always visible. Is there a quick way to do this? Thanks
  3. Why onRepeat function in tweenMax works only once?
  4. Hi everyone, my situation is this: I have two timelines, one for the loading initial animation and another one for the coreography when the page is loaded. The animation of the loader (a spinner) is made more or less the same as the codepen linked but in this way, as you can see, the rotation doesn't stop properly. (In simple words i want to pause the rotation animation WHEN the page is loaded, but I doesn't want to stop that if it's still moving) tlTimeline .to(test, 1, {rotation: "+=90", repeat: -1, repeatDelay: 1, onRepeat: loaded}); function loaded(){ tlTimeline.pause(); tlOpening.play(); //this one is not included in the codepen } I need to find another way to stop the repeat animation at the end of the repeat animation because in this way it makes a little step forwards.
  5. Hi guys, Just scratching my head at this. As you can see in my codepen with your console open, all the on[EVENT]s fire, except onRepeat. I'm in need of having an event fire at the end of the repeatDelay on the timeline, but as it stands, I can't find one. Does anyone have any idea how I can find out (and call a function) at the exact moment the text starts to disappear again? Many thanks! EDIT: Just a note, removing the yoyo and repeatDelay, still means that the onRepeat event doesn't fire... am I missing something obvious here?
  6. I'm going to assume I've missed something I'll be blushing for in a few minutes, but I've been banging my head against this and just can't work it out. All I am attempting to do, is call a function via the onRepeat callback when it is applied to a tween in a yoyo repeat state. I've tried numerous variations of the code and can confirm that if I use onComplete, the callback works, and if I use onRepeat on the timeline rather than a tween, then that also works but that's no use to me as I need to call multiple callbacks on separate tweens. I'm sure this is something very simple but for the life of me I can't work it out, if people could check out the codepen and let me know what's wrong, that would be great. http://codepen.io/OneManLaptop/pen/VvJOMQ?editors=001
  7. jjames

    Using onRepeat

    I'm having trouble getting the tween.to's in my onRepeat function to sync with my TimelineMax: My CodePen is here: http://cdpn.io/kwxIJ //WARNING THERE IS A 3.5 SECOND DELAY AT START The Flash tutorial that I'm trying to replace is here: http://www.olympusmicro.com/primer/java/fuelcell/index.html On the first run it looks like it's working just fine. Wait for about 2 minutes: You'll notice that the "water" molecule has started translating below it's original point. Many minutes later: The water molecule will just blink in and out at the bottom of the animation. I believe I need to use the onRepeatParams to tell my swapWater function exactly what it should do, or, perhaps that's not the solution. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hey Jack, Here's a snippet of my code. It's a set of 3D rotating pages whose rotationX property should be reset to 0 onRepeat. FYI this code is actually in a for..loop - it creates 6 tweens and pushes them into a TimelineMax instance. var tm = TweenMax.fromTo(temp_symbol_JS,10, {immediateRender:true,rotationX:rotationIncrement*i}, {rotationX:(rotationIncrement*i)+360, ease:Linear.easeNone, onStart:initWebKit, onStartParams:["{self}", i], onUpdate:positionPage, onUpdateParams:["{self}"], repeat:-1, onRepeat:resetRotation, onRepeatParams:["{self}"]}); timeline.insert(tm); //later function resetRotation (tween){ console.log("I repeated"); } I need 'immediateRender:true' in order to set the initial rotationX of each page. However I am finding that the onRepeat function is fired 6 times immediately. Is this expected behaviour or have I totally missed something? Cheers, Chris