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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! What I would like to do, is to be able to click on any one of a number of elements and then move it around with keystrokes. Somehow the jquery-ui draggable() has this functionality. You click on any element which has been assigned draggable and off you go: $('#myElement').draggable(); The problem I have at the moment is that once I have assigned an element to listen to an event handler, when I click on it - it never forgets it. So when I now click on another element to assign it instead to listen to keycode events, it moves but along with the first element, which has not dropped the baton! I am thinking this must be common and necessary functionality in the world of animation which is why I have posted here and hope it~s not too off topic, and that there must be some code that does it, perhaps using jquery off() or deleting some object property...? Tried to do codepen but could not get keycode events to work. The HTML window was simply appended with the number 6! If it helps, from a design perspective, my intention is for the user to click to save the positions and sizes of all elements that they have moved around, and then save them locally or on server. Its goinf to be a kind of 'arrange your own furniture' canvas. So, grateful for any pointers. Thanks