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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to deploy using DeployHQ but it fails during the npm install phase due to auth errors. npm ERR! code E403 npm ERR! 403 403 Forbidden - GET https://npm.greensock.com/@gsap%2fshockingly/-/shockingly-3.8.0.tgz - You must be logged in to install/publish packages. npm ERR! 403 In most cases, you or one of your dependencies are requesting npm ERR! 403 a package version that is forbidden by your security policy, or npm ERR! 403 on a server you do not have access to. It works great locally with no problems at all. I've added the .npmrc file with these lines in it: (AUTH_TOKEN being replaced with my token) //npm.greensock.com/:_authToken=${AUTH_TOKEN} @gsap:registry=https://npm.greensock.com Any suggestions on how to solve this?
  2. Hi all, During deploy using Elastic Beanstalk the instance runs npm install --production. We end up with the following error: npm ERR! code CERT_HAS_EXPIRED npm ERR! errno CERT_HAS_EXPIRED npm ERR! request to https://npm.greensock.com/@gsap%2fbusiness failed, reason: certificate has expired I have an .npmrc file included with our authToken as specified in the CI/CD section. We have tried manually adding the details to the .npmrc file using the .ebextensions but we have the same issue. This is driving me a little mad and not sure how to resolve. Thanks.
  3. In a Vim editor I can open the .npmrc file with this command: myproject $ vim ~/.npmrc <ENTER> How do I do this in Visual Studio Code ? 1) myproject $ vscode ~/.mpmrc <ENTER> or . . . 2) myproject $ npm set editor code myproject $ npm config edit