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Found 3 results

  1. Working on an app where users can position an SVG on the "stage" and pick an "IN" animation. Uses a from tween that starts offstage and ends wherever the user has positioned the SVG. I pulled the stage setup, some of the code and a few buttons as well as a preselected "already-added" SVG to the Codepen. There's a master timeline and each SVG becomes an element defined in a new svgObject containing its own timelines for animation onto the stage (the "IN" timeline), animation while on the stage (the "ONSTAGE" timeline) and animation off the stage (the "OUT" timeline). There can be mult
  2. Hi all, So I have a main timeline, in which there will be delayed callbacks to functions that dynamically create and add timelines to the main timeline. Everything works as intended if played normally. However, when I jump through the timeline using either seek() or progress(), things are not behaving as i would like them to. I created a simple codepen demo to demonstrate my issue: http://codepen.io/cocotard/pen/Lqftu You will need to open up the browser's console to see the log. Now, if played normally, following output is obtained: main timeline started index.html:37 add
  3. Hi, I'm studying the video-tutorial "advanced sequencing - meet the blobs". http://hub.tutsplus.com/tutorials/timelinelite-ultimate-starter-guide-advanced-sequencing--active-10331 by Carl Schooff I want to rebuild it in javascript not AS. in the video at 25'45 I'm stucked with looping through the blobani timeline with insertMultiple and push the created timelines into an array. var blobTweens = new Array(); function createBlobs() { for (var i=0; i<10; i++){ var blob = $("#blob"); var blobani = new TimelineLite(); blobani.insertMultiple([ TweenLite.to(blob, 2, {x:480}), Twe