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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I have simple text logo from Adobe illustrator with two strokes (done via the appearance panel in Ai). http://codepen.io/pauljohnknight/pen/xOPvAQ I want to play around with animating the outer stroke and inner letter – what is the best way to do this with Greensock? I’ve hit a bit of a wall (I am comfortable using tweens and timelines using GSAP, but up until now I have done so on divs / text / DOM elements etc). In the CodePen example above I’ve put a simple tween on the letter m, but can’t seem to work out from googling how to target the stroke on a multi-stroke svg (say, for a color or opacity animation). Any help would be awesome. Paul. P.S When I tweak the inline SVG code it lets me manually change the outer-stroke for the letter a, but not for other letters which is also confusing me? When I check the Ai file every letter is stacked correctly on individual layers etc and without any excess sub-layers.