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Found 1 result

  1. Hi and thanks for your very nice work, discovering GSAP was a relief. Sorry if this seems trivial but I've searched everywhere with no luck : I have a single time line with multiple selectors. They share the same teens, except I'd like to have a single delay on the first tween only. My goal is to simulate a train a several wagons. The first wagon starts, then 0.5s later the second wagon start, then 0.5s later, the third wagon starts, etc. Here is where I am so far : var delay = 0.5; for (var step in tlTrain) { tl.appendMultiple(TweenMax.allTo([wagon0, wagon1, wagon2, wagon3], tlSpeed, { x: tlX, y: tlY }, delay)); delay = 0; } It works at first but after the first teen, all the wagons stop and gather before resarting all together. Thanks in advance for any advice. Edit : I have discovered a semi-workaround : put a negative delay number, and reverse the selectors order. But but there is a pause at the end of the loop, and aniamtion becomes sometimes laggy.