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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, First of all, thank you to the developers of this very efficient API. I have a problem only on mozila and a little less under IE. My code scale down the two svgs at the right, from 20 to 4. The problem looks like that: In my phone mode version, the scaling value is 4 to 1 and i do not have this problem. On Chrome, all it's nice and work perfectly, like this: the project is an animated logo that preloads the home page. The white background disappears after the animation and lets appear the page. I created a pen here. I try to simplify the code since it comes from the page and changed the logo. I tried the force3D = false but it did not work. I hope your enlightened experience will solve my problem. Sorry for my english because I speak essentially french : ) Best regards.
  2. Hi all, I am currently working on a little project and i wanted a header with a background and when you hover over this header-div, the background zooms in. However, when I use the camelcase notation in the TweenMax vars, it works fine in Mozilla, but messed up in Chrome, and vice-verse. So 'background-size' works fine on chrome but pretty strange in Mozilla. Hope you can help, thanks in advance! rusty
  3. Team, Doesn't mozilla firefox support TweenMax feature? I don't see it working in IE7 too. I have a set of ordered list that will flyin on page load. This works fine in Chrome, IE8 and IE9, but it doesn't seem to work fine in Firefox 14 and IE7. Could you please let us know the support features. And the error obtained in FF is as below: "TypeError: can't convert undefined to object: Line 14, Tweenmax.js" Thanks Abhilash