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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am trying to achieve some type of animation that seems to be a little bit hard to implement for me. I want a user to scroll a page till they reach a desired block (a text block) where only part of it is visible. When block hits top of the viewport it should grow to 100vh and start scrolling to show the content inside. When scrolled to the bottom of text block the page should continue scrolling down. On scrolling up to the page the animation should reverse. I seem to be facing a couple of issues with my current progress: 1. When I scroll to the text block or scroll out of it sometimes it feels like I should scroll one more time or move a cursor to make scroll work. Looks like it's 'focusing on/out " of inner scrollbar. It's very well seen when you scroll with a mouse, not touchpad. 2. When I scroll down the page and start scrolling up if the cursor is hovering over even the smallest part of my text block it starts scrolling it. I would like the block to take the whole screen and only start scrolling after that. I guess I need second scrollTrigger instance for that? Thanks in advance for your help! I am only discovering the world of GSAP, so pardon me if the question is simple. I was searching the forum for quite a while to find something similar and didn't succeed.
  2. Hi How to add a moving line while scroll page to a html page? (PFA) Example url https://bitesizeinc.com/home Thanks
  3. Hi Many thanks to the moderators for their help with GSAP I need to be able to make moving animations blink or pulse. I have been able to do this using several tweens that move, blink and then restart, move and blink etc but this is choppy and not very elegant. I am sure there is a simpler way to do this but I don't know what it is. I wondered if there was a solution with the onRepeat function? I have created a codepen where I have a block moving and blinking over the complete duration of its path but I want to be able to control it's opacity in more detail. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/RGgJrA For example, it moves for a second or to a certain point and then it's opacity becomes zero, and then then returns to 1 and then seamlessly carries on its path for another second where it blinks again. Is it possible to do this with a single expression on one tween or do you have to chain animations together to make it work. One other question I have is about compatibility. I have tested GSAP on Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, iOS and Chrome on Android. It works fine on all that. I was wondering if it's compatible with other Android browsers? Many thanks for your help. I think GSAP is great. Pebble
  4. Hi, Hope someone can help me with with this. I am trying to find a way to create a "wind effect / drift". A movie clip will be constantly be pushed back -x but clicking the stage will make it move forward +x the more you click the faster it moves. If the clicks stop it will slowly slowdown and start to drift backwards. Any support is much appreciated! Thx
  5. My carosel is not moving smooth, Can you help me to fix this. It is currently pausing, it should not pause. slider.zip