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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to implement an 'auto scroll' of sorts based on mouse movement/position. I'm new to GSAP; I'm hoping someone can point out my errors/help me to make this animation smoother and continuous? Adapted from: Additionally, here is the live (very rough) preview on my site: https://www.tessa.studio/portfolio Thanks in advance. Edit: The parallax effects on hover are, or at least appear to be, independent of my issues with the ScrollToPlugin... It's still laggy when I comment that portion of the script out. These effects are the reason for wanting to scroll with mouse movements.
  2. Hi, I have a pageless site that I'm working on, that has a slightly unusual navigation/ flow. I've got it working almost as it's supposed to. There's two main ways for a visitor to navigate the site. Note: the pages/sections are not presented in a linear fashion. 1. By scrolling they will move on to the next "page" or section. 2. Through the navigation menu they will go directly to the section The issue I am having is can't quite figure out how to make the whole thing loop continuously. When they get to page 9 and they continue to mouse, I'm trying to get it so they just go straight back to page 1, and if they mouse up from page 1 it will take them to slide 9 Any guidance is much appreciated!