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Found 3 results

  1. Hello dear, i saw this website (https://ferrisrafauli.com/) and he is using gsap animation, I'm new to the community and i would like to know how to do the effect on images, thanks Here you can find something similar but as particles, how can i do it by smoke
  2. I am trying to animate a rotating SVG, but I have two issues: on mouseEnter sometimes the animation "jumps" when I try to mouseEnter/mouseLeave several times, the animation get slower/faster and sometimes it stops completely I am not sure if this issue is due to the fact that I am not using a timeline, but I cannot use it easily because I have a complex animation. Is there a solution without using a timeline?
  3. Hello Everyone, I am revamping my website. I am not very good with Java script and for this reason I am here asking for help. The project I need the help for can be checked on http://codepen.io/aleguitar77/pen/WwPyPG As you can see I have 3 links on the right hand side and any time I click on the circle a different slide is coming from the left hand side. I have noticed that when I am hovering my mouse on the circle marked as Case studies all the circles stops their animation. I would like to pause only the one I am hover and when I leave I would like the circle start pulsating back again in synchro with the others. Also I would like to nest an animation on mouse over. Another thing I would like to ask if the sidebar animation can be done in a better way from the programming point of view. I am not very good at explaining things. I hope this explanation is clear enough. I wish you all a great day, Alex