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Found 5 results

  1. GreenSock


    MorphSVGPlugin morphs SVG paths by animating the data inside the "d" attribute. The video explains more (but uses the GSAP 2 formatting): It has never been easier to morph between SVG shapes. First, let's cover what this new plugin can do: Morph <path> data even if the number (and type) of points is completely different between the start and end shapes! Most other SVG shape morphing tools require that the number of points matches. Morph a <polyline> or <polygon> to a different set of points There's a utility function, MorphSVGPlugin.convertToPath(
  2. Hello again guys ✌️ I´m right into the ‘basic‘ ScrollTrigger thing for quite a while now. Since I´ve upgraded myself with ShockinglyGreen, so things getting even greater with the MorphSVGPlugin, which progress of transformation can be controlled with ScrollTrigger. The Results are impressive. After playing around with this while interacting with svg elements directly in the DOM, I slightly get disturbed by the fps drops this can cause with other animations or if you get your page in bigger screen dimensions or resolutions (4K / Retina). I stumbled upon a gre
  3. I'm trying to get the GSAP Morph SVG plugin to work. I use Animate to generate code. I'm including the plugin script file. I really can't wrap my head around how I'm supposed to set this up in Animate. I normally copy/paste existing working examples and then tweak code in my actions window. Where do I place the path files of the shape I'm morphing to?
  4. sirhclluk

    morph svg

    Does morph and draw svg only work with the code of the svg? So if I have two traditional svgs as images, can that work? Thanks
  5. I'm just trying to implement my own morph and I keep getting the same error: "invalid morphSVG tween value" Can someone tell me what I am missing or overlooking? This is someone else's code mostly but I'm trying morph for the first time.. just can't get it to work. Thanks!