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Found 1 result

  1. I'm about to be building a mobile game and have already started prototyping it in react with the initial thought that it would be trivial to then move to react-native so that I could easily package everything for Google Play and the App Store. I've since realized that there are some concerns with using react-native with GSAP. I won't get into that here as there's plenty of other conversation/repos that can help mitigate most cases; while I've been able to manage, due to the declarative way react is in general, it doesn't make for a very conducive workflow. So I'm curious if there are any suggestions on specific frameworks that cater to the ease of packaging for the mobile stores and are confirmed to work well with GSAP. I've seen some references to pixi.js, phaser, and even react-game-kit throughout the forums. Not crazy about pixi.js in general, but possible I should take another look. Phaser looks promising and react-game-kit has a lot of potential, but is still under development. I also recently came across starling which is Flash based, but couldn't find any usage with GSAP and while getting the environment setup has been a bit tedious, I think it could have some potential. Still digging in. As always though, it comes down to the project at hand so let me give a bit of scope there. Basically, I'm talking tile based mobile games, so this doesn't require a "world" a character needs to walk through. From a UI perspective it would be simple touch/slide or drag and drop type interactions. Think games like words with friends, dots, and the like. Anyone have any others out there? Any thoughts for or against one vs another? Again, with the real concerns being ease of packaging to mobile stores and very GSAP compatible.