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Found 4 results

  1. The scrollTrigger is suppose to kick-off operation as soon as the element comes within the stipulated range but for some weird reasons, it just won't work. Also, the markers don't show up as expected. What I'm I missing?
  2. Hello community, I tried to pin a google map on scroll with generated markers on it. And when I load or update markers, I refresh the Scrolltrigger instance to calculate the new sizes from my updated list (content). Bt when I do a refresh or a resize window, my Google map is reset. I think it's when I make a refresh, the content inside the `pin-spacer` markup reloaded and Google map does reset. Any idea? Thank you
  3. Hello, I am currently trying to activate a CSS change with ScrollTrigger. The website is also using LocomotiveScroll and it appears that the markers aren't displaying when I have LocomotiveScroll activated. The same behavior can be seen in the codepen attached. Removing the lines of code responsible for LocomotiveScroll, that is line 2 - 5, makes ScrollTrigger work properly, having LocomotiveScroll included however causes the markers to disappear. This is the most minimal example I could make, that shows that behavior. I have found a few posts here with similar problems however most of these could be resolved with something in the sorts of ScrollTrigger.addEventListener("refresh", () => locoScroll.update()); ScrollTrigger.refresh(); Sadly, this doesn't resolve the issue for me. Maybe I forgot something important as I am relatively new to the ScrollTrigger library. As I am not sure if this a LocomotiveScroll or ScrollTrigger side problem, I am posting this problem here, too Thanks in advance, Max
  4. Hey! So as you can see in this code pen, it has a very nice transition of panels when it scrolls, but when the start marker hits the scroller-start marker at the center exactly the panel is still invisible. The items appear when that start marker gets past the center. My question is: Is there a way to show the div when the start marker is exactly at the center and not wait until it gets past it? I hope my question was clear