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Found 3 results

  1. I still learning how to use Greensock, even i was a newbie with js or Jquery. But when i see what GSAP can do, i wanna learn it. I doing practice with bootstrap 4 carousel, but for the loops, i have to overide all. I not understand, how to overide just for the animation inside the ".carousel-caption". This one is the hardest one Y_Y /*RUN TIMELINE WHEN EACH OF THE SLIDES IS LOADED*/ $carousel.on("slid.bs.carousel", function (e) { TweenLite.to($carouselCaption, 0.1, { opacity: 1 }); var slideId = e.relatedTarget.id;
  2. I'm a little confused about how to return a timeline for later use. I have a number of elements that I am looping through and playing my timeline on, however, I need to return the timeline outside of this loop, so that I can call the .kill() method on it, inside of another function. So my functions looks like this: dtnavs = { runStuff: function(){ dtnavs.cellFloatyTweens(); }, killStuff: function(){ // not sure how to kill the cellFloatTL here? }, cellFloatyTweens: function(){ dtnavs.cell.each(function(){ cell
  3. Hello. I am in need of serious help with this problem I'm facing. First off let me tell you what I want to achieve with my code. On click of a button at the top-center of my screen, 4 fishes are to be tweened with bezier movements to simulate 'swimming' through water. They have other functions but this is the part that I need to get working. function tweenFish():void { var numY:Array = new Array; for (var count:Number = 1; count < 5; count++) { numY.push(count+8); } numY.reverse(); trace(tweenArr, round); for (var numX:Number = 0; numX < 4; numX++)