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Found 6 results

  1. Have you ever wondered why GreenSock doesn't use a more common open source license like MIT? Sometimes our licensing model is misunderstood but hopefully after reading this article you'll see why it is so foundational to the success of our tools and why it ultimately benefits users too. Open source is awesome! If you had to write and maintain your own jQuery or React or GSAP, could you do it? Would it be as refined and reliable? Probably not. How many times have you found a library or chunk of code on github that saved you hours of development time? Open source can be a quick path to
  2. Greg Stager


    A question on purchasing a license... I understand that I would need a business license. As such - I would not actually be the one paying for it - my employer would but I would be the one using the tools. Would they be able to pay using a PO or invoice or some separate way other than through my profile but also so that I have access to the extras and such? How might that actually look?
  3. Hi GSAP, I've been reading various comments about licensing on these forums and still have a few questions. 1. This page https://greensock.com/licensing shows that there are two licenses, standard and business. This page shows that the standard license does not include a license to the plugins, and that this is for the business license. This page also states that GSAP behind a paid wall requires the business license. When you click sign-up for business, you are presented with three options. These include plans that include plugins, but only one plan is good behind the
  4. Hello, I need to make sure GSAP license. If I'm making the E-Commerce website with GSAP(this e-commerce website is sell for product like clothing, accessory) , do I need GSAP license?
  5. Hi, does Licensing cover Flash version and JS version? or i should buy two Licensing for Flash version and JS version? Cheers, Allen
  6. Hi, just wanted to ask whether it is allowed to include the GSAP (HTML 5) libraries in my own code. So I would have one JS file in which the libraries and my own code are (of course including the licensing information of the original files). This would save me a few requests so my site would load faster. Thanks in advance Tim