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Found 19 results

  1. Hey everyone, huge fan of the library so far. I am planning to sell premade websites to people and was wondering how the GSAP license fits into this scenario. To be more clear, I will be building the websites beforehand and be selling them directly to clients I meet in real life or acquire via internet ads. There is no recurring fee or "membership charge" for the service im building. Just pay once, and the website code is yours to do with as you please. Am I going to require a license for this? Thanks so much! EDIT 1: To be even more clear, the websites are premade. This is to say that the
  2. Have you ever wondered why GreenSock doesn't use a more common open source license like MIT? Sometimes our licensing model is misunderstood but hopefully after reading this article you'll see why it is so foundational to the success of our tools and why it ultimately benefits users too. Open source is awesome! If you had to write and maintain your own jQuery or React or GSAP, could you do it? Would it be as refined and reliable? Probably not. How many times have you found a library or chunk of code on github that saved you hours of development time? Open source can be a quick path to
  3. I'm developing a WordPress plugin that I would like to include GSAP in for animating elements. I would like to list my plugin in the WordPress.org plugin directory. One of the requirements for listing a plugin in the WordPress plugin directory is that all files utilized in the plugin need to be compatible with the GNU General Public License v2 or later. Are any of the GSAP licenses compatible with GNU General Public License v2 or later? The reason I ask is because I have seen a couple of WordPress plugins using GSAP. But my interpretation of the GSAP license is that it
  4. Hello, I want to make sure the detail about GSAP license: I'm working for local startup which the product is similar to airbnb, booking.com, trip.com, etc. And I want to implement some animation using GSAP (found this very easy to use) do I still need the GSAP business license? Thanks!
  5. Does Greensock's "No charge" license covers support for envato marketplaces? I want to make a Wordpress Theme/Plugin which will use GSAP as it's animation core and sell it to Themeforest/Codecanyon. As the "No charge" license states that: You may use the code at no charge in commercial or non-commercial apps, web sites, games, components, and other software as long as end users are not charged a fee of any kind to use your product or gain access to any part of it. If your client pays you a one-time fee to create the site/product, that's perfectly fine and qualifies under the "no charge" licen
  6. @Carl - I am working in a large business this week on a short contract, tasked with creating a little animation that is perfectly suited for the ScrambleText plugin but the business here does not have a license for the premium plugins. My question is: Given that I have a license, can I use the premium plugin? The finance team here already said no and the ones in charge of acquiring such licenses are already telling me to write an equivalent function to do the same thing. My understanding is that if the use of the plugin is limited to this one and only campaign, I can us
  7. Dear support, I am new to GSAP and I consider to become member of business Green, because I am amazed by GSAP's potentional for animation. I am especially interested in the SVGMorph plugin. Ideally I would want to try this: (If it's allowed with the license) Is it allowed with the business Green license to create software plugins from the GSAP library ? 1. Am I allowed to use the (unaltered) GSAP library and the (unaltered) SVGMorph script to create a small custom app that outputs svg data. 2. Use this output svg data from the custom app to drive
  8. Hi All, I'm wanting to use drawSVG and Throwprops plugin on my personal site, there are no chargeable sections, it's just a portfolio site. I want to know what happens after a year, do these plugins disable? I don't mind paying the $99 once, but I can't justify an ongoing cost forever for 2 effects. Can someone please clarify what happens after the year? Cheers
  9. Hi there, I'm developing a website for a client, where a user can buy exercise plans. I'm using gsap on the frontpage of the site. I'm thought i need a Business License, but then i read here so i'm not sure anymore. Thank you
  10. Hello, I want to make sure the detail about GSAP business license: `` Our paid license is only necessary in projects that you sell to multiple end users. `` If I'm making the E-Commerce website with GSAP, do I need the GSAP business license? (I tried to use Contact Us page to ask this question, but the form submit always got error) Thanks!
  11. gareth

    license confusion

    Hi, I am creating a web app for a large companies intranet, will I require a commercial license?
  12. Monops

    Download CSSPlugin

    Hello! If I want to download the CSSPlugin, do I need a subscription or it's just that I cannot find the link? Cheers! Alex
  13. I created a codepen that uses the Morph SVG plugin. I used Codepen only morphsvg link for that demo. I then bring the code locally to bring into a project, but nothing happens when I use the morphSVG file provided in my account downloads. I've emptied cache, but no luck. The reason I think it's the file is that locally the graphic translates, but doesn't morph. Thanks for your help.
  14. Hello, I'm developing a banking app where users can transfer money, pay bills, etc. The app is entirely free to download, no ads or something like that. What license should I use? And do I need a bussiness license if the user is charged a little amount from the amount he want to transfer, like paypal. Thanks!
  15. Hello, goodday, I really like this greenwork animation framework. I am new to the programming world and I want to start by making plugins for commercial purposes... I read about the licensing but I was confused.. I dont really understand "no free charge" and other standard licensing stuffs.. Sorry for my bad english. Presently I am trying to develop a slider plugin for jquery and I will like to use your framework. This slider plugin I want to sell on envato market place. Am I free to use green sock as part of my plugin requirements for animation like Layerslider and revolution slider f
  16. Hi there, can someone help me to choose the right license for me? I'm a web developer and I'm going to create a website (with GSAP) for my customers with it's own payment system. Technically, They'll pay me for 1 website (with GSAP) I created for them. That's one-off project and "No charge" license should be enough. However, the payment itself will be initiated on my website and I'll have more than 1 customer. So is It OK to use the free license?
  17. Hi there, I checked the licensing terms, and didn't see anything related to the publishing of plugins. Are there any restrictions on publishing a custom plugin as FOSS? Thanks, T
  18. I was wondering whether it is allowed/disallowed to use club-greensock plugins in codepens? Either via the private assets (codepen pro) or by linking it from some server.
  19. Hello, I am wondering if I am able to use (include) the GSAP Javascript platform in my upcoming product on Envato, precisely on ThemeForest WordPress theme, by purchasing the Corporate license? Waiting answer from the developer Jack Doyle Thank you in advance