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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone. Sorry for my English. I'm beginer in HTML CSS JS and greensock, a friend ask me to create a small website (one page) for little pizza shop (one employed (just my friend)), the website is just informative, no online pay, of course i mentioned greensock on website. I use the perfect tweenmax on this website And I have a question, i know this question are already asked, but the answer is not clear for me. I answered the form "Not sure which membership to choose? Click here for help." but i don't know if tweenmax is a special animation. If i use tweenmax for this web site, do we have to pay for a license? I think no, but I'm not sure. Best regards.
  2. Hey all, i used to use GreenSock a lot back in my ActionScript 2.0 days (circle 2005) but have been out of the animation game for some time... i'm so pleased the project is still alive and well! I've been talking with Chris Gannon and have re-created his brilliant svg-bubble-slider: https://codepen.io/chrisgannon/pen/GZNgLw/ and i plan to open source it as a React / `npm` module. storybook WIP: https://5ecbca87213967000683ec12--react-svg-bubble-slider.netlify.app/?path=/docs/intro--page repo: https://github.com/PaulieScanlon/react-svg-bubble-slider branch: https://github.com/PaulieScanlon/react-svg-bubble-slider/tree/feat/gsap-draggable I've encountered one or two issues but before i break them out into multiple topics i wondered if i could list a few things i've have questions about / have had trouble with. Question: 1 . Is Draggable part of Club GreenSock? 2. Is ThrowProps part of Club GreenSock (i think it is)? 3. If i plan to open source this project AND have paid for BusinessGreen am i ok to open source the project. The plugin code would be minified and bundled and i i'll .gitignore the plugin source as this will be a public repo Issues: 1. I'm not sure quite sure if this is just me mis-understanding the imports but is this the correct way to use imports? import { gsap, TweenMax, TimelineMax, Linear, Elastic, Power1 } from 'gsap' import Draggable from 'gsap/Draggable' gsap.registerPlugin(Draggable) 2. With Draggable imported this way i now run in to issues with Jest, can anyone advise on how to either mock the module or use jest config to ignore it? 3. Similarly when i use webpack to bundle the module build i think i'll need to also transpile Draggable, is there a CommonJs trick i'm missing here? Thanks so much team!
  3. Hello GreenSock Forums, I’m a GSAP developer, long time lurker, and first time poster who just got offered a HUGE job! I will be building a UI for a traffic command center for a large city. The client is a company constructing the command center. What would your recommendation be for a license for this project? I currently have a Shockingly Green license, but this feels like a commercial license is needed? Bottom line is: I build the UI, the client uses that as part of the overall product which is paid for by the government, but the client pays me. Also, who would need the license: me, the client, or the government?
  4. Hi, I´m building a lib for react that animates components during mount / unmount. This lib uses gsap for animations. Would it be ok for me to release it on npm?
  5. Hello, I would want to use TweenLite for a free game on mobile (iOS and Android). However, there will be advertisement, which we can remove by paying 1 euro. There will be also coins to be bought, costing approximately 1 euro. Can I post my game with "GreenSock Standard No Charge License" ? Sorry for my english and thank you in advance Xamrix
  6. Hi, I am a WordPress theme developer. I still give free themes to the WordPress community. I want to use the effects by GSAP in the free themes. Should i join club to release such free themes or should i buy club membership? Thank you and you have opened my eyes that there are best alternatives in the world for jQuery in animation.