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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Guys, it's my first Forum Article. I'm using GSAP for nearly a year now. I'm using GSAP + GsapSmoothScroll + ScrollTrigger and Barba.js I have some slightly complex Animations on my Site and its extremely laggy on iPhone Safari I tried a lot of Solutions that I found hear, but nothing really works. Does someone have some Ideas how to fix. Here is a Link to the Website: This is my config for the ScrollSmoother. The Lag is specially on the page uid42 thats the link i put in hear. The other pages are ok not perfekt but ok: I hope its enough information. scroll = ScrollSmoother.create({ smooth: 0.2, // how long (in seconds) it takes to "catch up" to the native scroll position effects: true, // looks for data-speed and data-lag attributes on elements ignoreMobileResize: isMobile() && !document.querySelector("#uid1") ? true : false, normalizeScroll: isMobile() && !document.querySelector("body:not(#uid42)") ? true : false, }) On a Mission (hantha.net) Hope someone could help me.
  2. I created a timeline animation which runs on click event. Animations are working smoothly only after few refresh in most of the browsers. Below is my function with timeline.. function exploreTimeline() { gsap.timeline() . to("body", { position: "static", overflow: "auto" }) . to(".intro-content", { duration: 0.3, autoAlpha: 0.01, marginLeft: 50, ease: "power1" }, 0) . to(".intro-content", { duration: 0.8, height: 0, marginBottom: 0, ease: "power2.in" }, 0) . to(".intro-section", { background: "none" }, 0) . to(".globe", { filter: "blur(5px)" }, 0) . to(".magical-slider-container", { duration: 0.8, bottom: "5%", ease: "none", onComplete: () => { ScrollTrigger.refresh(); } }, 0) }
  3. Hey guys. I just launched my new website. All my vanilla JS animations are super smooth. And my GSAP animation is smooth in every other browser like Firefox, and Chrome. But in Safari it is super laggy, like instead of being smooth is clips 4 times, so it increases 25% each time. None of my other elements does this, so I do not think that this is a general problem on the site. And the animation is like super subtle so I can't see why it would cause such a lag. I am new to GSAP. I put a codepen URL, I haven't pasted the whole styling in, but I pasted all the GSAP js in so you can get a sense of what I have done. UPDATE: I found a solution, it was a Lottie animation who were interfering with the animation, thanks for the help!
  4. Hello, I was wondering, does anyone see lag when playing animations on Firefox? I made just a few animation so far as I am a "newbie gsap coder", what I have experienced is that those animations are smooth in chrome, safari and IE but they lag a lot in Firefox. At first I thought I was coding in the wrong way my scripts but then I saw that even the animations in the "Examples" page have the same problem (eg. https://www.reputationsquad.com/). What I see is that this doesn't seem a GSAP problem but is like Firefox is having hard times with all kind of animation methods. I tested it both on my macbook pro retina (late 2015) and on a mac mini, in both cases if I try to open a website like: http://beta.wind-and-words.com/ (examples page), the fan start working at max power! Like when you render an After Effects animation with all your cores. Do you have the same problem? Do you know any solution or workaround? Thanks guys!
  5. Hello, I am starting using GSAP but I haven't found a solution to my problem in the forum. What I am trying to do is to make a 3 boxes animation, each box has 100% height and 50% width, they are next to each other so the last box will be out of the stage. When I button is pressed they all make a 50% translation so the last box is now in the stage and the last one is outside. My problem is that when you click the button the animation works correctly but it is really choppy, laggy at the beginning. What am I doing wrong? can you help me? Here is my GSAP code: $(".js--animate").click(function() { var toAnimate = document.querySelector(".portfolioDescription"); TweenMax.to(toAnimate, 2, {x:"100%" }); var toAnimate2 = document.querySelector(".portfolioImage"); TweenMax.to(toAnimate2, 2, {x:"0%" }); var toAnimate3 = document.querySelector(".portfolioTitle"); TweenMax.to(toAnimate3, 2, {x:"-100%" }); }); Thanks http://codepen.io/frivolta/pen/MJXEYp
  6. Hi there, I have created this background pattern animation and it works smoothly on safari/chrome/IE but I am experiencing some kind of stutter/lag in firefox. It even causes lag outside the browser when using other programs (OS X/macbook pro). I have searched the forum and tried all possible solutions I could find (force3D:true, rotation:0.01, etc.) but no luck. Would really appreciate any help as I am stumbling in the dark here. Oh and thanks for an awesome framework! Great stuff! Note: somehow when using codepen the strokes are blurry. This doesn't happen when working on my test server: http://preview.frodoschering.nl/pattern-animation-2/ so probably unrelated to the above issue.
  7. Hi, For a yet to be released project i am animating an really big SVG image which has PNG layers and some SVG elements. The entire SVG has a shocking size of 1.8Mb. I am animating the x position of 3 groups containing SVG and PNG elements with: TweenLite.to("#group1", 1, {x:50}) // results in this element style when stopped animating: "transform: matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 70);" data-svg-origin="307.8999938964844 6.610000133514404" The animations looks smooth enough on very slow Windows machines with Chrome, IE & Edge but on Safari and Firefox it is stuttering and lagging to a point where the website looks to be loading in 1 frame per second. What would be an good alternative or workaround to get it to work smooth across all browsers.
  8. So this is a classical processing pipe-line for GPU rendered animations via CSS transform: 1) We start start to animate a block from HTML with, for example, TweenLite.to(x:100... 2) At that moment (very start), what happens internally in browser, is that this block is Repainted to a separate composite layer. 3) This layer (when ready) is pushed to VRAM for fast access and animating. 4) Layer decomposes and clears from VRAM when the browser thinks it must. And as we know this works pretty well! But, Where my problem arises is POINT 2,3. On lower hardware, when the initial repaint happens and layer is pushed to VRAM, there is some 100-200ms LAG. And when the animation it self is 1sec or less, this LAG just kills it: a) first of all there is a kind of a shutter at that moment, secondly.. I start to see the object animation already 30% complete (for ex. if the animation is x from 0 - 100 in sec, I start to see it happening on x=>30), when the layer is ready. The potential solutions: 1) Use will-change or empty transform to fool the browser, to push layer before animating. Well.... will-change is kind of experimental and it might be removed, and does not work on IE. empty transform does't work on chrome any more. And the list goes on. And anyway, at some point the browse might consider destroying the layer (to much idle, etc.). So very unstable. 2) It would make sense to me, to animate an object via transform only when the repaint is finished. Otherwise it will always look crappy. As there are some tips out there http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14578356/how-to-detect-when-an-image-has-finished-rendering-in-the-browser-i-e-painted (i like second answer), how to detect the repaint happend, maybe this can be patched to GSAP? What do u think of all this?
  9. Hey guys! I am working up a new animated banner for my boss's site. I have 4 banners. Each one animated in to view and animated out of view. I just finished all their animations. I commented out the js and html for each individual banner while I worked on the animation. They are strung together as once leangthy animation due to my lack of knowledge with JS and Gsap but think it should work okay. However when I removed all my commented out JS and HTML to string all the animations together to play in "sequence" Every animation except the first example will lag into place and not show the whole animation. I am not really equipt to figure this out. I have no idea why it would act this way. The animations play smoothly when not linked together. You can see an example preview of my project here: http://portalpacific.net/Al/PennyGrab2.1/ And I have also included a zip file here for anyone willing to take a look at help me. http://portalpacific.net/Al/PennyGrab2.1/PennyGrab2.1.zip Thanks so much for your time! Any help at this point is beyond appreciated!
  10. Hi ! I'm using Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 on OSX Maverick and I've noticed some jittering/tearing on the basic animation. For a fast animation you can not really notice it, but with middle slow animation such as this ones : http://codepen.io/GreenSock/full/Kajpu it is getting annoying. The issue can simply show with something like : TweenMax.to($el, 10, { x: $(window).width() + $el.width(), onComplete: function() { $el.remove(); } }); I didn't notice it on previous beta version... and I can not say when I see it appearing on the first time. What I can say, is that I see it on Firefox (last version) and Safari (last version) Thanks
  11. Hello, As the title suggests I'm trying to tween multiple objects <div> at the same time to create an explosion effect, because these divs contain text characters so the total amount is about 400. The tween is happening although the total experience seems laggy. I made a quick pen here: http://cdpn.io/DpbIy Thanks.
  12. I am hopeful that someone might be able to offer a suggestion or two about how I might work around an issue that I'm experiencing. The project I am working on is most easily described as a carousel animation sitting on top of a full screen slideshow. It is designed so that when the user clicks on one of the divs that make up the carousel, the background image transitions to the corresponding image as the caousel divs tween to their next position. In IE and Firefox, the animation is perfectly smooth, but when viewed in a Webkit browser, there is a stutter in the carousel motion occurring at the same point that the new background image begins tweening its opacity. Because the background images are full screen, it's my assumption that the stutter is a result of the browser rendering the image and not having to do with the tweening of the carousel panels, but the effect is clearly visible in the tweening. I have tried adjusting the timing of the background transition, starting it slightly before the motion and slightly after. I have also reworked the background animation plugin (anystretch and later vegas) to use gsap for its opacity tween in place of jQuery. I then reduced the height/width of the background images (Though they are still being displayed full screen), and also compressed the jpgs to the point of artifacts in an attempt to reduce file size. I have found a bit of success by swapping the background images for 10px single color squares, though it's not a viable solution. I have put together a fiddle, more like thrown it together from bits and pieces in an attempt to demonstrate the issue. The example can be seen here: http://fiddle.jshell.net/jm23r/35/show/ Does anyone have an idea about how I might either optimize this process specifically for webkit, or more generally reduce the resource utilization in order to smooth out the motion?